Saturday, December 7, 2013

Kate Hunter Launches New Site to Help Beauties Age Gracefully

Detroit, MI – December 08, 2013 - Kate Hunter, owner of My Antiaging Secret, has announced the launch of her new website. The site provides women with information on anti-aging products, makeup and practical tips to help beauties age gracefully.

“We demystify the aging process to help you maximize your youthful appearance and feel good about getting older,” said Hunter.

Hunter provides visitors with information on a wide array of topics encompassing anti-aging products, innovative treatments and makeup tips to assist women in maintaining a vibrant, youthful appearance well into their mature years. Aging is a physical process, but it’s also a state of mind. Individuals who maintain a youthful outlook are perceived as being younger than their chronological age.

Collagen, Botox® and microdermabrasion are being employed around the globe to help women maintain younger looking skin. Along with seaweed wraps, geisha facials and stem cell infusions, they’re all being touted as the path to glamorous skin. Hunter provides readers with the facts on methods, techniques and ingredients that work, those that don’t, and what to look for when choosing a beauty treatment.

With so many choices available, selecting the right makeup can be a daunting endeavor. Many women are using the wrong beauty products for their skin tone and needs, inadvertently making themselves appear older. Hunter provides information on how to choose beauty products ranging from foundations to eye makeup to address the skin’s individual nutritional needs, while hiding lines, flaws and the outward signs of aging.

Skin is exposed to pollution and detrimental elements every day that accelerates the aging process. Hunter offers data and information on anti-aging strategies that are clinically proven to help. Many women view the aging process as a horrendous event that diminishes them. They spend so much time agonizing about how “it used to be” that they fail to enjoy their life of today. Hunter offers readers a healthy helping of reality and shows them the path to aging gracefully.

Hunter maintains an online store where readers can find an array of beauty products for women of all ages. The site is fully searchable in multiple categories, allowing shoppers to find the products, accessories and applicators they need to create the look they desire.

The launch of Hunter’s My Antiaging Secrets provides women with a source of information and inspiration on aging. The site’s owner assists women select the correct anti-aging and makeup products that have proven effective to help them fight the outward signs of aging. Getting older is a fact of life and Hunter provides readers with insight and advice to help women age gracefully and enjoy the many facets of their lives.

Hunter welcomes comments, questions, and can be reached via email with the convenient form on her website. For more information, visit the website at

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