Saturday, March 31, 2012

Organo Gold – Is It A Scam Or What?

Organo Gold, a relatively new company to the Network Marketing arena has been stirring up some major controversy and has been the coffee table topic of many lately. Founded in 2008 by Mr. Bernardo Chua, this company certainly seems to be proving to be a force to be reckon with!

The Organo Gold product line is centered on an ancient herb that has been used by the Chinese for thousands of years and was originally reserved for royalty. The Ganoderma mushroom is really what this product is all about and what sets its coffee apart from the basic, traditional coffees that we know today. The Unique Selling Proposition that OrGano Gold distributors use to sell the products is the fact that "not only is the coffee healthier, it's cheaper! Additionally, it's in a form that practically every adult enjoys and will never forget to

When you stop to think about the demographics that the Organo Gold products can service it quickly becomes evident that anyone can literally do the business and people easily become excited about it and join. So when one goes to Google, one may ask why the persistent rumors about OrGano Gold being a "pyramid scheme" or a scam? What is the basis for these rumors? Is there any truth to these rumors? Let take a close examination and reveal the truth and nothing but the truth about this company!

In order to truly tackle this question one must address the network marketing industry as a whole. For starters, a network marketing business sells products or services to consumers much like and just like any other business. The difference however, is that a company with a network marketing structure uses its network or users, retailers, and distributors to bring the products and services to the public. Hence the term "marketing" in Network Marketing is derived. With this particular kind of business model, many of the costly nuances that traditional business models face are avoided such as the use of middlemen, the high cost associated with hiring people, extensive ad and marketing campaigns, etc. Instead these companies introduce compensation plans that greatly benefit their distributors, thus allowing them to benefit from the savings of traditional business costs.

This is the reality of OrGano Gold. Besides selling products directly to their customers and earning money based on retail sales, when distributors in the business sponsor, or introduce other people to the business they earn various other bonuses including 1) Fast-Start bonus, 2) Dual-Team bonus, 3) Unilevel bonus, 4) Global-Pool bonus, 5) Car bonus, amongst other bonuses and benefits. One can earn weekly and monthly depending on their performance in the business. The attractive compensation structure of Organo Gold is one of the components that has quickly aided in the success of the company and the significant number of top income earners in the company and entire industry of network marketing!

The bottom line is that like any business, having success in OrGano Gold is directly proportional to how much one is willing to work at it. This means inviting people to meetings and conference calls, calling prospects, doing product and business presentations, or as Organo Gold refers to it, doing Coffee and Jazz Mixers (CJM's) regularly which are a fun and exciting way to get people together for a cup of coffee while being introduced to the company and its powerful business opportunity.

Equally important to success in this company is developing a habit of following up, studying the business and compensation plans, working with your organization and building your team up. This entails a time commitment as you can see, so to see results you must be willing to commit the time it takes to see results. The company asks up front, the new distributors be committed to working the system and building a business for at least 18 months! This is very reasonable, as traditional business typically can expect to work the business for at least 5 years before seeing a return! The company has been so extremely successful because of the simplicity of their SYSTEM and because of their esteemed leadership team of Bernie Chua, Holton Buggs and Shane Morand; having a comprised 50 plus years in the network marketing industry! This factor alone is impressive in itself as leadership is everything to a successful company and business model!

Those who claim OrGano Gold is a scam are more often than not people who got involved with the company and made no money because they did no work, OR people who had a conversation with another person that got involved with the company and made no money because they did no work as well! People who say that Organo Gold is a scam should be asked a quick follow up question: what makes you say that, where is your proof and if you "did" the business, how long did you do it for and what exactly did you do? I'm sure their answer will reveal the truth!

This business IS NOT, nor is any business in the Network Marketing industry a get-rich-quick scheme. True wealth comes not from getting rich quickly, but from practicing the right activities, including developing oneself to growing your business and nourishing your network. If you are not personally growing, you are not going and neither is your business. Network Marketing is in essence about personal development!

People who commit and truly work the business and tap into the system quickly realize that it was the best decision they could've ever made!

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