Thursday, March 29, 2012

How to Stop a Dry Itchy Vagina


Having a dry itchy vagina is very uncomfortable and irritating. It is estimated that at one stage or the other a woman will have some issue with her vagina and an itchy vagina is one of them.

Before I get into the things that you can do to stop a vaginal itch, it is important to know what are some of the things that lead to vaginal discomfort.

Vaginal discomfort can be brought about by irritants like perfumes from soaps used in bathing or detergents used to wash the panties. Irritants can also come from commercial douches. Some douches have alcohol that dries the vaginal area. Some have chemicals that alter the PH of the vagina leading to discomfort. They also have perfumes that may irritate the vagina. 

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The vagina is self cleaning and should be cleaned mainly with water or a homemade douche as I will suggest some below. Never wash the vagina with harsh soaps or commercial douches, unless they are douches from natural sources.

Discomfort can also come from infections. The common types of vaginal infections include genital warts that can cause swellings and itching.

There is also vaginal yeast infections mainly caused by Candida albicans. The symptom for yeast infection is a very bad itch coupled with a white curdish discharge.

Another common infection is bacterial vaginosis, bv.  BV is very common in women and is characterized by a burning sensation around the vaginal area that is accompanied by a yellowish greenish discharge and an “off” “fishy” smell. It is very terrible and can take a very long time to clear.

It is important to note that most women sometimes get a wrong diagnosis ( by themselves) on what is affecting them. For example most women will use vaginal yeast creams to treat bacterial vaginosis. It is important to get to see a doctor and be examined.

Another thing that can cause vaginal discomfort is stress. When a woman is stressed a lot of the body mechanisms are thrown off balance. The vaginal area can have the PH altered and lead to itching.

Most women report that a dry vaginal itching do occur when they are under stress. So if you having an itch you may need to have a look through your life and see if there is any stress and it something that you may need to tackle so that you can get back to health. This may sound not so medical but it is does work.

Finally an itch can be brought about by eating a lot of sugary foods. Yes, too much sugar will alter the body PH making it alkaline and thus altering the vagina PH. It is not only sugar from candy or soda. Sugar can also come from proceeded carbohydrates like white bread that get broken down to simple sugars in the body. So watch out for those one.

How to stop dry itchy vagina

Use clean cotton (only) pants that are well fitting and make sure you wash them in a mild hypoallergenic soap that has no perfumes or other harsh irritants.

Shave the vaginal area. Most women with a dry itchy vagina do shave and get relief.

Do not clean the area with any soap at all. Eliminate any irritants. If you must clean then use ¼ cup of vinegar diluted in tepid water. Splash around the area three times a day and pat dry with a clean towel. Do not rub the towel.

Do not use any commercial douches or vaginal itching creams. Use the above vinegar mix for douching. Also use a yogurt douche. Buy organic yogurt and apply all around the vagina and inside.

Take probiotics. Probiotics are capsules with millions of live active healthy bacteria cultures. The probiotics will help introduce good bacteria in your gut and this will kill any other microbes that may want to grow around the vaginal area. You can also insert a probiotic capsule directly into the vagina to get the bacteria right on the itching spot.

You can also use honey (pure natural honey) it is antibacterial and very soothing.

Use garlic. Garlic is an all in all antibacterial home remedy with no major side effects apart from the smell. So eat a lot of garlic and if the itching is severe, insert a peeled garlic into the vagina and leave it overnight.

Stop eating any sugars and simple carbs for a while when you are itching.  Sugar will alter the vaginal PH like I said above and will lead to discomfort that will manifest as vaginal itch.

It is important that you go see a doctor if the itching that does not stop. To take care of yourself these are some of the easy, quick and natural home remedies and most importantly an effective treatment for dry itchy vagina

Be an informed woman. Find out more about vaginal itch and other vaginal infections

You can also watch this video below for an alternative:


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