Sunday, December 8, 2013

How to Design Clothing with Beata Bohman

Beata Bohman is a budding fashion designer with a knack for creating stylish lines of clothing. Part of Beata Bohman’s talent comes from her ability to master an efficient process, something that allows her to produce more designs in a shorter period of time. As a former model having spent time in some fifteen different countries, Beata Bohman is familiar with a variety of style. This variety is quite evident in her clothing lines. Always looking to help others, Beata Bohman explains one process of designing clothing.

(1) Find your Inspiration
Beata Bohman’s designs are always rooted in what inspires her. Her inspiration could be from nature, architecture, or even other clothing. You must be inspired in order to create a quality design. The best designs are the result of passionate, inspired work. Beata Bohman suggests opening your eyes to the things around you, especially when you travel. Traveling is an incredible opportunity to see things you’ve never even thought of before. Also, you really learn to appreciate what you have as you see what other people do without.
(2) Put your Ideas on Paper
Once she has an idea, Beata Bohman’s next step is to put it on paper. In many cases, that means building a prototype on a computer, but that is beside the point. By creating a visual of your design, you are letting others in on it, as well as opening yourself up to changes.
(3) Change it Around
Beata Bohman never settles for her first design, at least not initially. She always tweaks the design in some way, usually creating a few different versions of the same design. This allows her to pick and choose between multiple options, and she almost always ends up with a better design than the original.
(4) Choose Materials
Choosing materials is one of the longest steps for Beata Bohman. She prides herself in working with quality, yet affordable materials. The design may grab curb appeal, but the material is what seals a purchase. Beata Bohman advises you not to skimp on this step.
(5) Create
This is the fun step, where your creation comes to life. Beata Bohman is sometimes involved with the physical creation, and other times she delegates it to other people. Either way, Beata Bohman is always heavily involved in the process, often making changes on the fly.
(6) Promote
You cannot settle once your design has been created. You must market it in order to profit from it. Beata Bohman tailors each marketing strategy to the individual design being promoted, but a standardized plan can also be successful.

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