Sunday, November 25, 2012 Offers New Chat Feature

Customers with questions on products or general information can talk with a live representative via chat at the bottom of the page., a French website that offers a variety of organic and natural products, now provides an online chat feature for any customers with questions. Instead of having to make a call or guess, visitors to the website have instant access to experts who can help during normal business hours.

At the bottom of each page, including the homepage, a chat box appears as a small tab. Customers can either choose to completely ignore it while they shop, or they are able to open it up to be instantly connected to a customer service representative for assistance. Anything from product information to general inquiries can be answered at no additional charge.

The company continues to add new products to the online storefront all the time, meaning that even frequent customers might have questions from time to time. Many users were fed up with the old way of getting answers, which had to be done through either email or on the phone. The company’s bio en ligne has now been updated to showcase the changes within.

To learn more, or to simply test out the new online chat feature available for all customers, visit


From food to cosmetics, provides natural, organic products for people to use and enjoy to live a healthier lifestyle. The company ships products all over the world and international users are encouraged to check out the official eBay page for more information.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Tambi Renee Cautions People about Plastic Surgery

Tambi Renee is not a stranger to cosmetic surgery but warns people to be cautious when they decide to have a procedure done.

Los Angeles, California - America is a very appearance conscious society. We have many notions about what beauty should look like. Even our notion about the perfect body shape isn’t very realistic. The perfect models in magazines are created that way thanks to photoshopping and image cropping. However, humans have strived for years to stay youthful looking for centuries.

Many fairytales caution about staying young forever. And searches for the “fountain of youth” led to many fruitless yet historic expeditions. Today, youthful looks can be maintained through a variety of surgeries and body alterations. Tambi Renee herself admits that she has had a number of small procedures done. Tambi Renee states, “I have been blessed with the minor things I have tried.”

Her admission comes from the number of stories that focus on procedures gone wrong. While she admits she’s had a number of minor things done, she admits that it isn’t without pain. “My rhinoplasty recovery had to be the worst,” admits Tambi Renee. And she doesn’t fault people for wanting to maintain a youthful appearance as they age.

While Tambi Renee sees nothing wrong with people using cosmetic surgeries to maintain a youthful look for longer than is naturally possible, she admits “it truly can go too far,” and she says people “need to be realistic in their expectations.” Tambi Renee sees the danger of surgery coming in when people don’t know when to stop. There are people who go overboard in their surgeries and start to look inhuman. They lose a human look because so much has been altered.

Tambi Renee cautions people who are interested in plastic surgery to shop cautiously. “Don’t shop by price,” says Tambi Renee “whether high or low go by who can do the best job for the procedure you want.” She continues to offer advice sharing that “one doctor might be able to do all procedures but you might get better results going to a doctor who is known for… whatever.”  Her point is to find the doctor with the best reputation for performing the procedure you want done.

About: Tambi Renee warns about the importance of knowing whom you should go to for plastic surgery.

11301 West Olympic Blvd Los Angeles California 90064

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Health You Need

It's absurd that it can be more convenient and easier to be - I'm depressed, I'm weak, I'm anxious, I'm exhausted, I am unable, are unfortunate, I am sick ... rather than get involved as a PERSON and deal with their very natural limits with the aim and desire to develop their own resource sun tapped, to fully express their nature. A profound essence that seems almost asleep, resigned to the grave, dominated by confusion, fear and suspicion, without roots and without a future.

Throughout the history of mankind, this is the current generation unnatural (that’s why benessere psicologico e psicofisico  is an important technique, that is further from the true nature of the human being, and the consequences are obvious not only in the economic and social. In fact, never as in this generation there has been talk of anorexia, bulimia, panic attacks, given the large number of cases, as never before in this generation there has been talk of obesity, with many cases in childhood, never as many in this generation cases, and real group phenomena, drug addiction, alcohol, drugs, in every age and in every social class and with numbers from war report in 2007 alone we had in Italy 5131 and died 3225. 000 injured in road accidents, 30% of which were caused by the use of alcohol and/or drugs as never before in this generation we have seen an increase of addictions to gambling, sex, internet; never as in this generation, has deployed an army of people obsessed, often with tragic results, the need to look aesthetically perfect and feeding the large market of fitness, beauty farms and cosmetic surgery, as never before in this generation, human corruption came in all areas, even those outside of suspicion, pushing the limits of imagination and every sowing indignation but also helpless resignation. Has become so sophisticated acting appearing, as to losesight of the being and doesnotallow the viewereven more pure, i.e. the mostexperienced, to discern right from wrong, truth from falsehood, from the corrupt 'honest.

The basis of all these human phenomena, there is a strong tendency to dependence, which is a disorder resulting from repeated use, inadequate and / or inappropriate, of a substance, of an object, a behavior; an addiction that is spreading like wildfire across the social fabric and that is a clear expression of an escape from oneself, from the responsibility to oneself and acceptance aware of its very natural limits: no one accepts to be imperfect and try negative feelings. If you do not accept this fact, it is always inevitable that when confronted with a feeling of vulnerability and maladjustment, or in the presence of feelings of anger, jealousy, frustration...., compensatory reactions and escape most obvious are those for which above, and some people will take refuge in food, other refuse themselves up to self-destruct, others will take refuge in an ideal of physical perfection, others in the game, in sex, in the virtual, and other esorcizzeranno their fragility aiming to seize power and of money, by any means, without any scruples.

So, we continue to invest well on machines and technology, but this will take effect genuinely beneficial and lasting only if we invest also and especially humans, education and training, so that technology isonly INNOVATION and Freedom ', that is, a tool that improves the lives putting at the center PERSON: no human society can overcome a crisis if you do not tip on the development of the person, because to overcome the crisis we need a cultural change ready to invest in the HUMAN CAPITAL.

So wake up all the lethargy in which we have fallen and prepare, EDUCATION to accept our nature, with pride and dignity. And better recognize and accept our feelings imperfect rather than opting for hypocrisy, hiding our weaknesses and can generate dependencies. For an imperfect feeling there is a chance to become better, but there is no hope for improvement with hypocrisy. The fear, envy, jealousy, anger,belong to us, they are part of our imperfect nature. Riconosciamola, accettiamola and learn to love it, with maturity and sense of responsibility. It 's so we learn to live better, able and ready to face and overcome all the difficulties and crises of life, prepared to accept the other and not always see in the enemy or scapegoat, the cause of all our ills (a father too severe, affectionate and mean, a mother frustrated, anxious and overprotective, a selfish and distracted husband, a teenage son problematic, jealous friend, a neighbor touchy, a faithful little dog ... the list can be endless, I heard perhaps too patiently stories of all kinds).

Every time we focus our attention outward to get others to do what we want or to blame them for not getting us what we want, we transform our freedom in dependency and sabotage our inner growth that is the possibility to gain awareness by coming into contact with ourselves, within us, in the center of our being, in that interior space that we have lost, to recognize if we are centered or reactive, if we are open or closed, where vital energy flows free or if it is contracted and locked , and what kind of energy there is, why is not used, where it is, how to make it emerge. The important thing is to recognize our state of being, each of which has its own reason of being and its value, then the attitude must always be acceptance and respect for themselves, without pressure and without judgment, because it is in this atmosphere that all the feelings buried out crop of course, that our vital energy is recovered and our evolutionary process can develop freely, so that more belongs to us leaving out our best resources.

Enter us, try our nature, and accept limitations and fragility inherent begets wisdom, while the sense of perfection only produces insatiable lust for power. The wisdom approaches the serenity, while the power is based on the culture of achievement, success and money, and the fight against the enemy. For the individual, the enemy is the antagonist, is anyone who has a power that can compete with her, and is, therefore, eliminated or subjugated.

The wise serenity is instead the status and trend of man PERSON is premised not have enemies and watch their fellows with the desire to know and listen to them and, perhaps, through the history of the better know himself, because every report is a system that enriches itself and the other.

Resource Box: is one of the leading Italian sites to spread the importance of getting the mind, wealth back.

Getting Back our Healthiness

For the government, subjugating the enemy and make a patient to be treated, a "consumer of therapies," is definitely functional and convenient. The American psychiatrist Allen Freiberg, former head of the commission that drafted the Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV), which is renewed every15 years and is used by psychiatrists worldwide, issued a warning disconcerting, that in the next edition Manual (DSM-V), released in 2013, with the introduction of new diseases or syndromes, almost all the inhabitants of the earth will conduct classified as mental disorders. In other words, millions of healthy people, who live only normal is miss problems, sadness, difficulties, vulnerability and suffering, in 2013 could be "diagnosed" as mentally ill. Among the "pathologies" of which it is assumed the inclusion in the manual, the caffeine withdrawal. At this rate, even those who are experiencing a normal mourning the loss of or separation, will be classified as depressed, as sick, that’s why a treatment of “benessere psicofisico e mentale” by is so important.

A crazy place would be a good market. Franches Allen says, "A diagnostic system is important to establish the boundaries between normality and disease and determine who actually need the drug, the problem is that in recent years we have seen a real diagnostic inflation, the responsibility for which lies both the doctors and the pharmaceutical companies.”He adds: "Even now, every year, 25% of the U.S. population, about 45 million people, one sees diagnose a mental disorder, case happens to half the population by the age of 82 years. The DSM-IV have tried to be more cautious as possible but we have still avoided the increase in diseases classified to 357 and the resulting trend in which the diagnosis of bipolar disorder increased by 40% compared to what happened with the DSM-III those of autism increased by 25%, those of ADHD syndrome, hyperactivity and attention deficit children, have doubled …'

"Now the producers of legal drugs are more responsible dependencies producers of illegal drugs. The problem is not in the bad faith of the members of the Commission of the DSM but in their belonging to the elite of the psychiatric sector. They do not realize that their information in the hands of doctors hurried, and not always relevant with the advertising pressure of the pharmaceutical industry, can lead to serious abuses. Antipsychotics in the U.S. are selling medication, with a turnover of 50billiondollars a year, 5% of the total. Our current knowledge does not allow us, among other preventive prescription of psychotropic drugs. "

It is also underestimated the wide range of real and serious side effects of drugs. As Frances says: "From the increase of obesity in young population already at high risk for overweight (an increase of even a pound a week), to addiction. Three hundred American soldiers have died to have taken medication prescribed. It is therefore important that doctors do not perform the diagnosis too quickly and that enhance the relationship than drug therapies."

But for many, it is more convenient and also deresponsabilizzante ingabbiarsi car, or be caged within a category pathological and delegate to a therapist care, rather than take responsibility for their own evolutionary change through a process of personal growth. It’s easier said "I have a problem and I do care," rather than say "I have a problem I need to educate myself to fix it."

Resource Box is one of the leading Italian sites to spread the importance of getting the mind, wealth back.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tambi Renee Celebrates Being a Small Business Owner

Tambi Renee is proud to offer a safer alternative to people who enjoy getting a tan.

Los Angeles, California - Tambi Renee is celebrating the American dream by owning her own business. Tambi Renee’s creation – Body Glo Mobile Airbrush Tanning – allows her to provide a third or fourth alternative for people who want to get a beautiful tan. Tambi Renee like many men and women, had used traditional sun tanning for years as the main method of tanning, but as research continued on the damaging effects of the sun, she sought out tanning alternatives.

Tambi Renee herself used sun and tanning bed methods to achieve a beautiful tan. However, that changed when she received her first airbrush tan. Tambi Renee admits, “after receiving my first airbrush tan I was like ‘ah ha’ this is what I’ve been looking for!” And the experience was so life changing for Tambi Renee that she decided it was something she wanted to pursue for herself.

Not only does Tambi Renee love the fact that airbrush tanning can be achieved from the comfort of her own home, but she loves that it is safe. Sun tanning as well as bed tanning has been shown to have lasting negative effects on skin. “I wanted to avoid damaging my skin when further research into the negative effects of tanning came out. One method I used to achieve a tan without causing damage was using tanning lotions. But even then, the tan wasn’t consistent and the streaks left behind from the tanning lotion were less than desirable.”

As a normal person who wanted a great tan, Tambi Renee sought out alternate methods. She encountered airbrush tanning and her experience was so positive she decided it was a method she wanted to share with others. So Tambi Renee took the necessary classes to become a certified Airbrush Tanning Technician. Additionally, Tambi Renee attended Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, California where she started taking business classes.

Today, Tambi Renee is proud to offer a safe alternative for achieving a great tan. Airbrush tanning creates a beautiful glowing look without the streaks caused by lotions. The tan is consistent and safe. And with Tambi Renee’s mobile tanning business, she can meet her patrons in the comfortable friendly environment of their home.

About: Tambi Renee created her own tanning business as a safer alternative to traditional tanning methods.

Contact: 11301 West Olympic Blvd Los Angeles California 90064