Sunday, November 25, 2012 Offers New Chat Feature

Customers with questions on products or general information can talk with a live representative via chat at the bottom of the page., a French website that offers a variety of organic and natural products, now provides an online chat feature for any customers with questions. Instead of having to make a call or guess, visitors to the website have instant access to experts who can help during normal business hours.

At the bottom of each page, including the homepage, a chat box appears as a small tab. Customers can either choose to completely ignore it while they shop, or they are able to open it up to be instantly connected to a customer service representative for assistance. Anything from product information to general inquiries can be answered at no additional charge.

The company continues to add new products to the online storefront all the time, meaning that even frequent customers might have questions from time to time. Many users were fed up with the old way of getting answers, which had to be done through either email or on the phone. The company’s bio en ligne has now been updated to showcase the changes within.

To learn more, or to simply test out the new online chat feature available for all customers, visit


From food to cosmetics, provides natural, organic products for people to use and enjoy to live a healthier lifestyle. The company ships products all over the world and international users are encouraged to check out the official eBay page for more information.

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