Friday, November 23, 2012

Tambi Renee Cautions People about Plastic Surgery

Tambi Renee is not a stranger to cosmetic surgery but warns people to be cautious when they decide to have a procedure done.

Los Angeles, California - America is a very appearance conscious society. We have many notions about what beauty should look like. Even our notion about the perfect body shape isn’t very realistic. The perfect models in magazines are created that way thanks to photoshopping and image cropping. However, humans have strived for years to stay youthful looking for centuries.

Many fairytales caution about staying young forever. And searches for the “fountain of youth” led to many fruitless yet historic expeditions. Today, youthful looks can be maintained through a variety of surgeries and body alterations. Tambi Renee herself admits that she has had a number of small procedures done. Tambi Renee states, “I have been blessed with the minor things I have tried.”

Her admission comes from the number of stories that focus on procedures gone wrong. While she admits she’s had a number of minor things done, she admits that it isn’t without pain. “My rhinoplasty recovery had to be the worst,” admits Tambi Renee. And she doesn’t fault people for wanting to maintain a youthful appearance as they age.

While Tambi Renee sees nothing wrong with people using cosmetic surgeries to maintain a youthful look for longer than is naturally possible, she admits “it truly can go too far,” and she says people “need to be realistic in their expectations.” Tambi Renee sees the danger of surgery coming in when people don’t know when to stop. There are people who go overboard in their surgeries and start to look inhuman. They lose a human look because so much has been altered.

Tambi Renee cautions people who are interested in plastic surgery to shop cautiously. “Don’t shop by price,” says Tambi Renee “whether high or low go by who can do the best job for the procedure you want.” She continues to offer advice sharing that “one doctor might be able to do all procedures but you might get better results going to a doctor who is known for… whatever.”  Her point is to find the doctor with the best reputation for performing the procedure you want done.

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