Friday, February 12, 2016

Dr. Goglia, "Nutritionist to the Stars", Aims to Cure America's Obesity With Revolutionary New Online Platform

Goglia Nutrition
Dr. Philip Goglia
2800 28th Street, Suite 130
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Phone: 310-392-4080
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SANTA MONICA, Calif., Feb. 12, 2016

Dr. Philip Goglia, touted as one of the top nutritionists in the nation, has launched an innovative, automated, health-minded and personalized weight management program known as G-Plans, to be launched in February 2016. After more than 30 years of transforming the bodies of celebrities and professional athletes, Dr. Goglia has designed a plan to reach a wider audience so that everyone can say goodbye to fly-by-night fads, starvation diets and risky diet pills!

G-Plans - a radical shift from traditional weight management & Nutrition plans

What makes this Web-based program salient is the customized approach that takes into account an individual's unique metabolic efficiency level. Unlike cookie cutter weight loss programs, this system administers a survey that uncovers how each person's body processes food for energy. This information is then used to tailor weekly meal plans on a rotational cycle specific to body type and metabolism. The program encompasses full body tracking and measurements to track results, exercise routines specific to metabolic type, and meal records to stay updated and in line. A built-in food exchange system allows for the flexibility to substitute recommended foods and still stay on track. Dr. Goglia and his team ensure that plans are created for each individual rather than en masse.

Nutritional meal planning system for people on the move

As a certified nutritionist with a Ph.D. in Nutrition Science, and founder of Performance Fitness Concepts in Santa Monica, Dr. Goglia's perspective is health first. Healthy eating rather than calorie deprivation has drawn the attention of Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Chris Pratt, just a few of the clients the doctor has helped to manage weight and elevate energy. Dr. Goglia is passionate about his quest to educate and empower people who grapple with weight issues or who simply yearn for a healthful balance between disciplined and joyful eating. G-Plans is available across desktop and mobile devices, enabling people to tap into this powerful metabolic system from the comfort and privacy of their own home and unlock their fat burning power!

Individual metabolism versus one-size-fits-all

The premise of G-plans is that everyone is metabolically unique and that the one-size-fits-all approach undermines weight loss efforts regardless of a person's resolve. Candid information is shared to address gaps in the area of smart eating, nutritious snacking and planning for weak moments. It can be an auroral awakening to learn why dieting does not work and that foods marketed as healthy may be junk food in disguise.

"I have dedicated my entire life to the education and science behind weight loss and nutrition and have helped thousands of celebrities and professional athletes achieve their weight, health and wellness goals. I am now embarking on a journey to extend that support to the mainstream. As a cancer survivor who personally struggled with childhood obesity, I am committed to helping people reach their goals through this nutrition-based, individualized and affordable program," says Goglia.

Sara Lucero
Senior Publicist
619. 813. 9010

Thursday, February 11, 2016

New Shirt for Pacquiao Fans Arrives

Round Two: The New Shirt for Pacquiao Fans Arrives
  The next iteration of the famous Manny Pacquiao training shirt arrives in time for final bout.

NEW YORK CITY, NY (PR Buzz) – One of the best fighters ever to step into the ring is slated to retire from a lucrative boxing career in a few short months. Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao's final bout is scheduled for April 9, 2016, when he'll face off against Timothy Bradley Jr. While some are speculating that this will not actually be the world champion Filipino's last fight, the stated reasons for his retirement are sound. (Namely, that Pacquiao plans to focus on a political career, and that he'll need to keep his mental faculties intact.)

Speculation aside, the upcoming fight means that boxing fans will have a whole lot to cheer about come April. This also means choosing sides and showing support, of course. Readers may remember the image that blew up on social media prior to the 2015 Mayweather v. Pacquiao bout – with Pacquiao's shirt emblazoned with Pac-Man chomping down on a dollar sign (a taunt to “Money” Mayweather). When the image was tweeted by the World Boxing Organization, it saw hundreds of retweets and comments. It also became one of the most sought-after garments in sports for weeks leading up to the match.

Well, “Pacq-Man” fans who missed out on that iconic shirt have another chance to grab a wearable piece of boxing memorabilia. This shirt, an exclusive design from New York retailer Expression Tees, shows Pac-Man taking a bite out of Timothy Bradley's initials.

Prophecy, or just a cool-looking shirt for Manny's fans? We'll find out in April, but for now, there's still plenty of time for readers to pick one up for themselves.

The new Paq-Man shirt is available here: (

Expression Tees, Inc. is the ONLY authorized seller of Expression Tees® brand items. These items and designs are produced EXCLUSIVELY for sale by Expression Tees.

Please Note - Expression Tees and it's items for sale are not affiliated with or endorsed by any celebrities or public figures, is not associated with any existing intellectual property or trademark, and no infringement is intended and no endorsement is implied. All designs posted are believed to be posted within our rights according to the U.S. Copyright Fair Use Act. All rights reserved. Contact Information Expression Tees 1488 Deer Park Avenue #223 North Babylon, NY 11703 631-940-9366


(PR Buzz) - Richman Trading are delighted to announce that sales of their hand strengthener rings on are continuing to be steady with over 40 positive reviews, 80% being 5 Star. 

Alongside reviews, customers are also asking questions. Here are three popular questions people are keen to know the answers to.

What kind of exercises can you do with them?

You can do crushing (squeezing the ring with the whole hand), pinching (using the finger tips around the edge of the ring) and flexion (placing the fingers in the central hole and pushing outwards) with the Flex-O-Fist hand strengtheners. We also provide a PDF Training Manual that gives lots of exercises for hand strength and mobility.  It will be automatically delivered as a bonus item when you purchase on Amazon, but you can also get a free copy of the manual at

I have a teenager who plays a lot of video games, would these be good for him?

Absolutely. If you can get him to exercise with them regularly, our hand strengtheners will not only help the muscles in his hand but also help prevent injuries. You can get a free training manual, giving a range of exercises for gamers at where you'll find links to purchase the rings on Amazon.

My grandma is in a care home and does a lot of knitting so her fingers cramp up at times. Would these help her?

Absolutely. The Flex-O-Fist hand strengthener exercise rings are very discrete and extremely light; she could pop them in her knitting bag and do a few exercises while she watches TV. 

The Flex-O-Fist Silicone Hand Strengthener Exercise Rings are designed to exercise the hands, fingers and muscles of the lower arm and biceps to both strengthen and tone them.

Ideal for use to improve grip and hand strength for household tasks, all kinds of sports including martial arts. Nice compact easy-to-use physical therapy equipment to help improve your flexibility and suppleness. Easy to pop in your pocket, use while watching TV or to keep at the office, as the squeeze action of our fitness equipment will help to reduce stress.

What’s Included in the Set?

1 Green 30lb Ring

1 Blue 40lb Ring

1 Orange 50lb Ring

How to Use Flex-O-Fist

Simply squeeze the varying resistance silicone rings. There are three major training types: crushing, pinching and extension. The extension exercise is simply an isometric pushing movement through the central hole of the ring; you cannot extend the ring at all. You can either gradually increase the resistance and difficulty of your training as your hand strength improves or alternate between the 3 rings in a single workout, giving you the benefit of interval training.

At 2.75 inches / 6.5 cm across the ring with a 1.25 inch / 3cm central hole they are sized especially for the average female hand, youngsters and those who are exercising for rehabilitation of muscles due to injuries, such as repetitive strain injury, stroke or occupational therapy. May not be suitable for men who have a large hand span.

We take pride in bringing quality products to you. If our hand strengthening rings ever rip, tear or break through normal usage, we will replace or refund your money 100% guaranteed for life.

Made from silicone and weighing in at a few ounces each, Flex-O-Fist Hand and Grip Strengthener Exercise Rings are available from our Amazon store at Buy on Amazon

For further information contact Richman Trading via Yvonne on

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Slimming Solution Announces the Launch of Fat Burning Bible


Anthony Turner
slimming solution

The launch of Fat Burning Bible from slimming solution is expected to help thousand every year looking for a permanent solution to lose weight. The introductory price of just $37 suggests the intention of slimming-solution to reach out to the multitude of people looking for a solution to lose weight. If it's really capable of what it claims, Fat Burning Bible is definitely going to make a dent in the weight loss market.

Albany, New York, February 9, 2016 (PR Buzz) — A weight loss solution company has announced that they finally have found a solution to the pressing problem of obesity. slimming-solution first started working on Fat Burning Bible 2 years ago with the sole intention of creating a product that can solve the problem of obesity long term. slimming solution Anthony Turner announced this month that they finally have a long term solution for obesity in the form of Fat Burning Bible.

Of the company's recent Fat Burning Bible launch success, CEO/Spokesperson Anthony Turner said, "A story about how a 390 pound morbidly obese man, who just 3 months earlier had collapsed to the floor in agony, heart failing, sweat pouring down his face, fighting for breath as he lay on the floor on the verge of death, not only survived this ordeal. But was able to quickly and easily shed 142 pounds in just 90 days, transforming his health and adding years to his life expectancy in the process."

To achieve such ground breaking success in weight loss, slimming solution employed the following tactics:

Monica Taylor, one of the first customers of Fat Burning Bible said, "Just 60 days ago I was overweight, unhealthy and miserable. I had been trying to lose weight for years, and had been on a whole bunch of diets, but they were all impossible to stick to, and meant cutting out whole food groups which never made sense to me. Since I found your program, I have lost 24 pounds in 2 months, and I’ve never felt better! Thank you Anthony."

For additional information please contact: Anthony Turner at slimming solution email at You will also find further information on our web site at

About slimming solution: Fat Burning Bible aims to help millions of Americans who are struggling to lose weight, and don't know why and also to put two fingers up at the pharmaceutical companies who are making BILLIONS every year treating obesity-related health conditions with their expensive drugs, rather than actually trying to fix the cause.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Kelly Osbourne injured and hospitalized: She appears in a wheelchair
Kelly Osbourne ends the year in a wheelchair – or almost! The former singer (now moderator) american 31-year-old has made a short stay at the hospital – which she emerged in a wheelchair – after breaking the foot. We have known better to approach the holiday season, just a few days of Christmas eve.

All I want for Christmas is to not have a broken leg“, complained about it on his page Instagram in the caption of a photo of his foot tattooed and wounded. A “prayer”, which unfortunately has not been heard. “I have a fracture, micro-fracture on foot and a torn tendon“, was desperate-she, while she was brought back home by the nurses in a wheelchair, the mine frankly dépitée.

Fortunately, the daughter of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne has been able to count on the support of his friends to cheer him up, while she claudiquait up to the nearest pharmacy, with the help of his crutches. “Thanks to Courtney Act and Bianca Del Rio, you are queens ! This is exactly what the doctors have registered to me“, joked-she is always on her personal page while one of his friends renchérissait. “This awkward moment where you fall on Kelly Osbourne with crutches at Rite Aid. Courtney and I were in need of buffers. As it is embarrassing”, could we read the account of his friend Courtney.

If it is not yet known how Kelly’s broken foot, the one that was Project Runway and Fashion Police was all the same rejoice as it will soon be an appearance in the series CSI: Cyber. The judge of’ Australia’s Got Talent went on to portray the wicked Stella Kane, nicknamed the angel digital death – a criminal who uses his gifts of computers to create false certificates of death and empty bank accounts. The episode in which she will give a reply to Patricia Arquette and the whole team will be released next year.

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