Friday, February 19, 2016

Interview with Kris Degioia On Recent Forbes Nomination

(PR Buzz) -- Social Marketing Professional Kris Degioia, known for her leading role as social media specialist, marketer and business owner of WTF Multimedia, has been interviewed by Maria Rochelle regarding her recent Forbes nomination.

The complete interview can be found below. For more information, visit the media contact below to get in touch with Kris Degioia or her company WTF Multimedia.

1) Congrats on your nomination with Forbes as a Top Ten Digital Marketer, how does it feel to have so much success in this highly competitive field?

Kris: It's unreal! I'm very appreciative, and it's more validation to mused that hard work does pays off!

2) It says on your LinkedIn page that your main goal is to “My main goal in life is to do something that matters or say something different. Something that sets the whole world on its ear.  I want to do something better, with the time I’ve been given. I wanna try to touch a few hearts in this life. “ By the way, I love that because it sounds like what you want to do with your time while here is to make a positive impact on others not only professional  but personally. Tell me little more about this goal and how you’re doing this.

Kris: That is actually a quote from a song by lady antebellum "I was here" I was a victim of cyber stalking. I speak at conferences and counsel victims on his subject. I wish that when I was being stalked I had someone that I could talk to, I would like to think I am helping these survivors.

3) What attracted you to become a social media specialist?

Kris: When I left Google I knew I had to do something that stood out and was different, and social media marketing was it! It works for business and I'm happy to be a part of their success!

4) I know you stay busy with your business and family life, what keeps you motivated?

Kris: My clients that have been with me from the beginning, I would never have made it without them, they believed in me. I would like to thank Chad Turkett CEO of water removal services in Atlanta Ga, Steven Cady, CEO of Cady industries in Dalton Ga, James Springer CEO of All in Communication in Nashville Tn, and Amplify my Business in Ca!

5) In your downtime, what do you do for fun? Hobbies and interests?

Kris: love this question my response is always the same! I play trains with my son!

6) You have quite the following on Twitter and on LinkedIn as well.  You’ve written some incredible articles like your most recent one on LinkedIn “Secrets to Creating Perfect Social Media Posts”; do you think you’ll write a book on social media in the near future?

Kris: Find me the time and sure!

7) As a highly successful woman, what advice would you offer to women who want to succeed professionally in their fields?

Kris: common misconception is that it's easier being a woman when in reality it is not. My advice is stick to your guns, don't back down, be a bitch and ALWAYS be honest even with potential or existing clients. SUGAR COATING WILL GET YOU NO WHERE IN LIFE!

Interview By: Maria Rochelle

Press Contact:
Kris Degioia
CEO WTF MultiMedia
Office: 615-925-3889

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