Saturday, October 12, 2013

Know the Symptoms of Brain Tumors with Darren Butt

Darren Butt knows better than anyone that a brain tumor can strike without warning or without any other apparent health issues. Darren Butt has seen the havoc that a brain tumor can wreak first hand. In fact, in June of 2012, the son of Darren Butt, the then twelve-year-old Jack Butt, was stricken with a brain tumor that appeared to strike without warning. Given the pain and suffering that Darren Butt and his entire family experienced as they worked together to fight his son’s brain tumor, he has dedicated his life to helping people recognize the signs and symptoms of this deadly killer.

Darren Butt is quick to point out that brain tumors can strike without warning or any other indication that there is something wrong. In fact, Darren Butt was under the impression that his son was in perfect health before he was diagnosed with the brain tumor that almost claimed his life during the summer of 2012.

If you are worried about a brain tumor risking the life of you or someone you love, Darren Butt urges you to familiarize yourself with the signs and symptoms of brain tumors.

·         Headaches that are becoming more frequent of more severe over time.
·         Nausea or frequent vomiting that has no logical explanation.
·         Sudden changes in vision, including sudden double vision or sudden blurred vision. (The son of Darren Butt woke up one morning with unexplained double vision, which led to his diagnosis with a near fatal brain tumor.)
·         Sudden and unexplained difficulties with balance, speech or other everyday activities. Darren Butt says that many people believe confusion in older people may be a sign of oncoming dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, while missing the fact that their loved ones may, in fact, be suffering from a brain tumor.
·         Bizarre personality or behavior changes, including sudden substance abuse or sexual promiscuity. Darren Butt notes that this is especially true in adolescents or young adults, whose symptoms are often dismissed as a side effect of being an adolescent or young adult.

Brain tumors are the silent killer, says Darren Butt. After all, Darren Butt had no idea that his twelve-year-old son, Jack Butt was suffering from a brain tumor until the day that he woke up with unexplainable double vision. If you or someone you love is experiencing any of the symptoms that Darren Butt has described here, please see a neurologist or other qualified medical professional as soon as possible to rule out the possibility that something more sinister is afoot.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

3 Tips for Healthy Living by Dr. Dov Rand

Dr. Dov Rand is an anti-aging specialist who focuses on patient care and education. As a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, which represents over 26,000 physicians throughout the world, Dr. Dov Rand is one of the most trusted specialists in New Jersey. In fact, he’s not only received the Patient Recognition Award for four consecutive years, but has also won the Compassionate Doctor Recognition Award and the Patients’ Choice Award.

One of the many reasons Dr. Dov Rand is so respected among patients is because of his ability to simplify complex concepts into easily digestible pieces. This allows patients to learn more about their health and learn about the steps they can take to enjoy a better quality of life. “Specifically, a patient’s lifestyle will have a direct impact on his or her ability to perform at work or enjoy life,” says Dr. Dov Rand.

When consulting with patients, Dr. Dov Rand focuses on the small steps that they can take on a daily basis to improve their quality of life and prevent degenerative diseases. These steps for healthy living include:

  1. Deep breathing. Whether it’s yoga, exercise, or an intentional focus on deep breaths, improving the quality of our breathing rejuvenates the body and gives it an opportunity to grow and refresh, says Dr. Dov Rand. Specifically, diaphragmatic breathing that is slow and deep allows the body to relax and encourages the body to flush toxic chemicals created from stress.
  2. Get sleep. In today’s culture, the demands of life and work can affect our quality of sleep. However, sleep is one of the most important elements of our daily routine. “Sleep is the time when your body has the opportunity to rejuvenate, repair torn tissues, and encourage muscle growth,” says Dr. Dov Rand. “If there’s something to cut back on, sleep isn’t one of them.”
  3. Eat healthier. If there is one area where we can cut back on, however, it’s the amount of food we eat, says Dr. Dov Rand. Excess calories, especially from fatty foods, can put unnecessary fat and oils into our body. This will not only clog our arteries, but will weaken our hearts as well.
“The secrets to healthy living aren’t rocket science,” says Dr. Dov Rand. “In fact, most people know what they should and shouldn’t be doing to their bodies. But it’s the conscious effort on a daily basis that makes that happen.”

The healthier we live, the greater our chances for a more fulfilled and healthy life, says Dr. Dov Rand.

Christopher Ursin – Brand DNA

Not that long ago brand owners (Licensors) granted licensees carte blanch when it came to licensed products. These days brand owners recognize the need to have license products that are in line with the brands DNA. 

This article will cover the basics of brand DNA as well as outline the basic steps of developing or re-launching a licensing program. It’s intended for individuals that are new to the licensing industry. 

To begin the licensing process it’s important to identify the 6 Key brand attributes that make up a brands DNA. 

Commitment is what the brand owner is willing to contributing and support in terms of brand management, time and investment. This helps stakeholders develop marketing and licensing strategies. 

Differentiation is best described with a question. Is the brand perceived by consumers as having a differentiated brand positioning from its competitors? It’s important to understand why this brand is different from all the others in the category. 

Authenticity is one of the most important attributes. Does the brand have an established heritage and a well-defined value proposition? Does it deliver against the (high) expectations that consumers have of it? If the answer to both questions is yes then you have a brand that is likely to be accepted by consumer in other categories. 

Understanding sounds like it’s a given but many brands are recognizable by a logo but are only partially understood by consumers. Ask the question: Do consumers have full knowledge and understanding of the brands distinctive qualities and characteristics? Ironically licensed products can often tell part of that brands story to consumer and ultimately increases the consumers understanding of the brand. 

Consistency is very tough for brand owners/Licensors. Automotive manufacturers face this as they recall products due to safety issues. Same situation applies to any product consumer’s purchase.  Have consumers positively interacted with the brand for a great length of time without a quality or brand image failure? The brand must maintain its image and quality or consumers will defect to the competing brand. 

Relevance is one of the key attributes as a brand must resonate well across all relevant demographics and geographies. 

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