Saturday, October 19, 2013

5 Foods to Avoid with Dov Rand MD

When it comes to health and wellness, particularly the field of age management, Dov Rand MD knows exactly what needs to be done to preserve health and wellness. In fact, Dov Rand MD knows that one of the key factors to looking and feeling as young as possible is to moderate diet and exercise with the proper fitness regime.
When Dov Rand MD meets with a new patient, he gives them a list of five foods that they should never, ever consume if they would like to maintain their health while successfully managing aging. Here are the five foods that Dov Rand MD recommends his patients never consume:
  1. Artificial Sweeteners
Of course, in moderation artificial sweeteners are perfectly fine. However, according to Dov Rand MD, far too many people rely on artificial sweeteners to make their food taste better. As a result, many people have a steady stream of chemicals entering their bloodstream at any given point in time.
  1. Margarine
Dov Rand MD says that when it comes to fats, the real thing is better than the processed substitute products. This is because, explains Dov Rand MD, the low fat substitutes are heavily processed and contain many dangerous chemicals.
  1. Soy Protein
When consumed as a whole food product, explains Dov Rand MD, soy is a perfectly fine thing to eat. However, while the soy protein is isolated for things like veggie burgers and other meat substitutes, the hormones and chemicals contained therein can be dangerous for human consumption. This is why Dov Rand MD and other medical doctors recommend that you limit your consumption of these products.
  1. Low Fat foods
Once again, Dov Rand MD explains that these low fat foods are full of chemicals that can be dangerous for human consumption. When in doubt, Dov Rand MD says, it is better to eat a smaller amount of the natural, less processed, full fat food, than it is to consume an over processed low fat alternative.
  1. Frozen meals
In addition to being heavily processed, frozen meals are full of sodium and other preservatives, says Dov Rand MD. If you absolutely must rely on freezer meals, Dov Rand MD recommends that you prepare your own to limit sodium intake.          
Dov Rand MD knows that diet and exercise are among the most important factors when it comes to age management science and anti-aging technology. This is why Dov Rand MD recommends that all of his patients avoid consuming those five foods.

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