Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How to Stay Fit in the Winter Season with Jocelyn Vegter

The winter season, while beautiful, brings with it many challenges that face active individuals. Jocelyn Vegter knows that those who are accustomed to spending time outdoors to get their daily dose of physical activity find themselves frustrated in the winter season. Favorite activities such as sports, swimming, or visiting the local park are met with new obstacles like sleet, ice, and snowfall. Here are Jocelyn Vegter’s top tips to staying fit in the winter season.

First, Jocelyn Vegter recommends staying warm whether exercising outside and inside. Some ways to do this include: wearing multiple layers of clothes, only exercising outside for short periods of time, or throwing your clothes in the dryer to warm them up before starting your exercise routine. Whichever way you choose, Jocelyn Vegter emphasizes the importance of staying warm.

Another way that active individuals stay physically fit in the winter season is by participating in a variety of indoor fitness techniques. Jocelyn Vegter knows that staying fit is of high importance for many people. Therefore, it is not recommended to hibernate in the winter (although we want to). Stay active with a variety of indoor activities such as going to a gym, trying out a new indoor sport, or watching your favorite exercise video can all be great options that keeps the calories under control.

Lastly, Jocelyn Vegter is a winter sports enthusiast. In Jocelyn Vegter’s experience, the most fun part of the winter season is participating in winter sports. Winter sports are a great way to get exercise while taking advantage of all the majesty the season has to offer. Popular winter sports include snowboarding, skiing, or ice-skating. Jocelyn Vegter recommends participation in winter sports as a fun way to stay active and something to look forward to each year.

The winter season can be just as productive as any other. Jocelyn Vegter points out that, with these tips, there’s virtually no excuse to become the couch potato in the wintertime.

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