Thursday, July 18, 2013

Slavka Tarzian Awarded Patent from US for Innovation in Pharmaceutical Development

Slavka Tarzian has patented an innovative technique at her company, Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals

Fort Lauderdale, Florida - In the world of science, most people hope to do something as impressive as to patent one’s innovative invention. Accomplished chemist Slavka Tarzian has done just that! A graduate of Monmouth University in New Jersey and employee of Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals, Slavka Tarzian officially patented one of her discoveries in 2007, confirmed the US Patent Office.

“It was one of the most exciting experiences I’ve had,” said Slavka Tarzian. The patent Slavka Tarzian received is for her new method of determining the smoothness of canisters containing medicaments that must be inhaled. “I hope that this will be beneficial for the many people in the country who take medicine through inhalation,” says Slavka Tarzian. “That’s one of the greatest things about working in pharmaceuticals. We’re basically working to make medicines effective and practical.”

Slavka Tarzian’s patent includes a unique patent number, and was issued on March 6, 2007. “Patenting something is an accomplishment that most scientists will accomplish only once during their careers, if that,” said Slavka Tarzian. “We’re always working to move forward with new inventions for patient care. My hope is that my design will be implemented by other researchers, for the ultimate goal of creating more efficiency for people who need inhalation-based medicines.”

The patent Slavka Tarzian received is for a technique she mapped out herself. In an accompanying drawing, Slavka Tarzian breaks down the method for new users. Using a microscope, a digital camera, and a digital computer, explains Slavka Tarzian, a research scientist can photograph a sample of the inner core of the canister. Then, says Slavka Tarzian, the image is projected onto a computer. Slavka Tarzian also came up with a useful formula: Slavka Tarzian divides the amount of light reflected from the sample surface by the amount of light reflected from aluminum foil. This, says Slavka Tarzian, is how she and other scientists can determine something called the “smoothness index,” or the overall smoothness of the canister material.

Slavka Tarzian’s fellow research scientists report that her invention brings a new level of efficiency and precision to their work, and they are excited to see a technique that has been so successful in their lab implemented elsewhere.

About: Slavka Tarzian, research scientist at Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals, is the author of a patent for an inhalation-based medicine canister measurement technique.

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Plastic Surgery: What to Expect

The first thing that Dr. Kevin Ciresi will tell about plastic surgery, whether it is cosmetic or reconstructive, is the importance of educating yourself about the doctor you choose to perform the procedure.

Plastic surgery is not a procedure that should ever be taken lightly. Dr. Kevin Ciresi says that the consultation is crucial in plastic surgery. You want to have a clear and concise view of what to expect and what not to expect. Dr. Kevin Ciresi will make sure that patients are not setting themselves up with unrealistic expectations.

Dr. Kevin Ciresi, a plastic surgeon with more than 25 years in the field of medicine, advises future patients that your surgeon should be calm and tolerant, no matter how many questions you ask. You want to convey to your surgeon what your needs are and what you would like him or her to achieve. Dr. Kevin Ciresi says that patients should be open-minded, and understand the reality and results of plastic surgery. You should know that plastic surgery will not transform you into a brand new person. Dr. Kevin Ciresi states that your doctor should be crystal clear about what your expectations should be.

The operating facility is an important factor when having plastic surgery. Dr. Kevin Ciresi will tell patients that if a surgeon is operating in a medical facility that is not a hospital, the doctor must have a back-up plan. Dr. Kevin Ciresi urges patients to ask the doctor about his or her emergency alternative plan. How far is the distance to the nearest emergency room? These steps are extremely important if an unfortunate incident is to occur.

Finally, Dr. Kevin Ciresi does not think that patient care is finished at the operating table. It is tremendously essential that patients receive the highest care in post-operation follow-up exams. Dr. Kevin Ciresi will make sure that post-operation follow-up is immediate. You do not want any complicated risks. Surgeons like Dr. Kevin Ciresi does not want complications that could have been easily avoided with proper post-operation care.

All of these factors are very fundamental parts of what you should expect from plastic surgery. Dr. Kevin Ciresi believes that patient care is not only important when a procedure is being performed but also before and after the surgery. Plastic surgeons like Dr. Kevin Ciresi will follow these steps (and more) to guarantee the best results in care and in health.


Monday, July 15, 2013

The Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a kind of dangerous diseases to be afraid of by almost all of adult men. Well, since it is particularly affecting the system of reproduction and even digestion, therefore, you may imagine that it will simply damage the patients’ life. Although it is known that this type of cancer is often producing certain symptoms, in fact, there are also many people that don’t feel any signs at all just before being diagnosed. But if you notice well, there are several matters that can indicate that you are one of the next prostate cancer just by only seeing several signs and also noticing your lifestyle.

Here are several things that you should aware so much, since they can be several undetected symptoms of prostate cancer. Just check them out.

Frequent Urination

Well, the first thing that you should consider well is regarding the dying for a pee, particularly at night. It is actually something which is common to be experienced if your water consumption tends to be higher. But of course, if you think you are not drinking too much before sleeping, surely, it is something that you should pay attention. Besides, another symptom is that you find it rather difficult when starting to pee or even you feel it pain. Yes, if you have experienced such things, you should then better visit the doctor.

Blood in Your Urine

In a higher level, you will find that there is blood in your urine. Of course, there are actually several other diseases that have such symptoms like reproduction infection. Therefore, if you already have such experiences, it is much better also to go to the doctor to ask for any diagnose.

Erectile Difficulties

Another symptom that you swill find while being a patient of prostate cancer is about the disorder within your sexual organ. One of them is the erectile difficulty. Many adult men then assume and decide to consume such vitality medicine to solve this problem. It is surely no matter at all if you are normal, but if it is then a symptom of prostate cancer, it will be more dangerous. Again, going to the doctor firstly before consuming something is much better.

Feeling Pain While Ejaculating

Well, if you think your sexual activities with your wife has been disturbed for something unpleasant like pain while ejaculating, therefore, you should pay attention more. Almost all the disorders occurred within the prostate will produce such symptom, so that being careful is really important.

Backache, Sore Hip and Thighs

You should not underestimate the pain on several areas of your body, including the back, hip and thighs. Yes, although you may think that it is not so much different with the effects of tiredness or something, surely, it is better then to ask any diagnose from the doctor, since it can be one of the symptoms of prostate cancer.

Overall, the symptoms explained above are not so much different with any insignificant diseases. It is probably being the main reason why many people prefer ignoring them. Mainly for you the men above the 50 years old who are more susceptible for the prostate cancer, you should then regularly check your health, particularly if you have experienced such symptoms.

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