Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Importance of Hormones with Dov Rand

Dov Rand knows better than anyone that hormones are exceedingly important for the body’s function. After all, as a board certified medical doctor who owns and operates a private medical practice group in West Orange, New Jersey, Dov Rand is more than familiar with the effects that hormones have on the body. This is one of the many reasons why Dov Rand believes that everyone should learn more about hormones and their effects on the body.
Hormones: More Than You Think They Are
Hormones, explains Dov Rand, are among the most important things in the human body. Dov Rand explains that hormones have a myriad of functions in the body, including regulating such functions as growth and development, metabolism, sexual function, reproduction, mood and aging processes.
Essentially, Dov Rand explains, hormones are the body’s chemical messengers. This means that the body uses hormones to let other parts of the body know what to do and how to respond to certain stimuli.
Hormones are managed by a number of very important organs, Dov Rand furthers, most notably the endocrine glands. Despite the fact that hormones play such a large role in how the body functions, the chemicals themselves are actually very small and a very tiny amount of a given hormone goes a long way towards enacting a certain biological function.
Hormones and Aging
Dov Rand is quick to point out that hormones play a huge role in the aging process. In fact, most of the discomfort associated with aging can be traced back to the decrease of naturally occurring and vital hormones in the body. For example, Dov Rand explains, most men begin to complain about signs of aging after they experience a dip in testosterone. Likewise, women begin to feel more sluggish and – for lack of a better term, older – when their estrogen levels begin to deplete after menopause.
All in all, as Dov Rand knows, hormones are incredibly important for the function of the body and even more so when it comes to age management and the aging process. Dov Rand has dedicated his life and career to helping people manage the aging process and has developed a number of technologies that can help his patients deal with the issues associated with the decrease in hormone levels that occurs as the body ages. Dov Rand believes that all of his patients have the right to look and feel as young as they so desire.

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