Thursday, October 3, 2013

How to Achieve Good Health with Dr. Dov Rand MD

Everybody’s definition of good health may be different. In a broad sense, good health means the optimal functioning of mind and body. Dr. Dov Rand MD, an authority on anti-aging medicine, encourages his clients (and everyone) to work towards achieving good health. In Dr. Dov Rand MD’s experience, many individuals who use his professional services faced numerous health issues that were often chronic in nature. In an attempt to prevent chronic and debilitating illness, Dr. Dov Rand MD is offering his top three steps to start up on your journey of achieving good health. Three easy ways to achieve good health include: staying active, getting proper nutrition, and refraining from unhealthy habits.

Dr. Dov Rand MD’s first recommendation is to stay active. Living a sedentary lifestyle can lead to increased weight gain, muscle atrophy, and decreased motivation. Dr. Dov Rand MD recommends a consistent habit of staying active as one of the most important steps in achieving good health. Dr. Dov Rand MD points out that regular exercise can help prevent obesity, increase muscle mass, and improve concentration and energy.

Next, Dr. Dov Rand MD recommends maintaining good nutritional habits. In his medical practice, Dr. Dov Rand MD has encountered many individuals that have previously neglected to maintain good nutrition. Establishing and maintaining good nutritional habits are key to making sure your body has what it needs to function properly. In order to avoid experiencing the negative effects associated with poor diet, Dr. Dov Rand MD recommends eating a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water.

Finally, Dr. Dov Rand MD emphasizes the importance of limiting unhealthy behaviors. Unhealthy behaviors, such as drinking excessive amounts of alcohol or smoking cigarettes, introduce toxins and chemicals into the body which can cause long-term illness. The introduction of toxins to the body can affect the operation of normal body functions and damage internal organs. While it is important to enjoy life, engaging in unhealthy behaviors can have long-lasting negative effects on the body.

Dr. Dov Rand MD is an advocate of disease prevention and enjoys providing education to his patients and the public on healthy living. Dr. Dov Rand MD is an active member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and the Age Management Group. Dr. Dov Rand MD has provided top-notch medical care to hundreds of patients for the past seven years. Dr. Dov Rand MD believes that abiding by these three simple steps can help guarantee a long and healthy life.

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