Thursday, September 5, 2013

Zachary Zaitzeff: The Importance of Using Grass Fed Beef

At his burger shop, Zachary Zaitzeff only uses local, organic and grass fed beef. There are many reasons to stay away from ranchers who use unnatural ways to fatten up their livestock, and Zachary Zaitzeff knows that it is important to allow the animals to roam and do what is natural.

  • Healthier. One major benefit of allowing animals to graze in the pasture is that the result is healthier for you. That is one major reason Zachary Zaitzeff only uses grass fed beef for his burgers at Zaitzeff. The livestock used by Zachary Zaitzeff at his burger shop is not treated with hormones or growth-promoting additives. So there is less fat, cholesterol and calories.
  • Good for the environment. When animals are raised in a factory rather than on a pasture, they excrete a large amount of manure in a small amount of space. That manure then needs to be taken away, which is expensive. So to cut costs, it is just dumped close to the factory which then overloads the soil with nutrients. That can cause ground and water pollution. On the other hand, when livestock is on a pasture, that manure is spread naturally over a large area. That becomes a good source of organic fertilizer. Zachary Zaitzeff promotes a healthy environment, not a wasteful and polluted one.
  • Better diets for livestock. The animals raised in factory farms have unnatural diets. They are fed modified grain and soy and what is referred to as by-product feedstuff. That means the livestock could be fed municipal garbage, stale pastry, chicken feathers and even candy. This diet is designed to boost the factory’s productivity and lower costs. Zachary Zaitzeff does not want his customers to be eating garbage, so he stays away from factory farms.
So by using only grass fed beef, Zachary Zaitzeff is not only helping his customers but a number of other causes as well. He is helping to improve the welfare of the animals, helping to end environmental degradation, and Zachary Zaitzeff is helping small ranchers and farmers make a living.

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