Saturday, September 7, 2013

Staying in Shape with Trevor Codington

As a successful lawyer and a father of three, Trevor Codington sometimes suffers from having a tight schedule. However, he feels that it is important to stay in shape. With that in mind, he has started doing a number of things around the office in order to keep his physique. Below he presents a few tips on how you can stay in shape in your office.

·         Office Stretches. Trevor Codington begins by first doing a series of stretches in his office. He does a variety of stretches for no more than 30 seconds at a time. First, he does neck stretches, followed by arm and shoulder stretches. Next, he concentrates on his back and legs. Finally, he stretches his thighs and concludes by stretching out his calves.

·         Upper Body Workout. Believe it or not, Trevor Codington is able to get an effective workout all while in his office. He begins with shoulder exercises. He pulls up his shoulders and rolls them in a forward and backward motion. Next, he does a series of push-ups where he leans up against the wall. 

·         Lower Body Workout. Once Trevor Codington has completed his upper body routine, he moves on to his lower body by beginning with a series of leg squats. Using his chair, he simply sits up and stands down in a repeating motion.  

·         Being Active While Inactive. Trevor Codington knows how easy it is to become inactive while in the office. However, sitting in front of your computer all day can be quite healthy if you do it right. For example, if you have a small dumbbell, you can do curls while on the phone.

There are many other ways that you can exercise and workout in your office. Trevor Codington has been able to use these techniques to stay in shape, even with very little time on his hands. 


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