Thursday, September 26, 2013

How to Live a Balanced Life by Business Professional Ron Quartararo

As a senior level business developer, author, philanthropist, and family man, Ron Quartararo has an extremely demanding schedule that leaves most people wondering, “How does he do it all?” While most people would credit time management to their success, Ron Quartararo insists that time management isn’t the secret to his lifestyle. “The key is to live a balanced life,” says Ron Quartararo. “When you learn to keep everything in balance, you find that you have more energy, passion, and drive to do all the things that are important to you.”

As one of the key business leaders at a large global data systems corporation, Ron Quartararo is incredibly disciplined in managing his work-life balance. “One of the biggest mistakes that I see business leaders make it putting all their effort towards their jobs,” says Ron Quartararo. “This leads to stress, unhappiness, and generally leaves the rest of their lives in shambles.” Regardless of the professional demands on his schedule, Ron Quartararo has consistently maintained a balanced life. He explains his strategy below.

  1. Family always comes first. In his book La Famiglia: The Power & Passion of Family: Lessons of Life, Ron Quartararo expands on the importance of a strong appreciation of family. “The love and lessons that we learn from our family ascends all time,” says Ron Quartararo. Furthermore, by keeping family before work, Ron Quartararo says that it helps him remember exactly what he’s working for in the first place. “Those who dedicate their efforts to those they love are generally happier and more satisfied in life.”
  2. Stay healthy. Ron Quartararo tries his best to take care of himself physically. “The demands of work, family, and any other activities you participate in life take a physical toll,” says Ron Quartararo. “By staying healthy, you ensure that your body can handle all that you want it to do.
  3. Always give back. Ron Quartararo acknowledges that the investments in his life from his family and community are the reasons he’s as successful as he is today. As a senior level business leader at a large global data systems corporation, Ron Quartararo is one of the most respected professionals that specializes in media and entertainment. Still, he always maintains time in his schedule for community service and philanthropy.
“You should love the work you do,” says Ron Quartararo, “but it shouldn’t be the central focus of your life. Once you find the right priorities, you’ll be able to live a balanced life.”

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