Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jeff Nourse is a Leader in the Spa Industry

Jeff Nourse has created a new line of high-end, boutique style spas across North America. For the last 15 years, Jeff Nourse has been a recognized name in the medical spa industry and now he has made a name for himself in the high-end market of medical spas. With so many spas claiming to be high-end, only a few, including Jeff Nourse’s spas are actually providing high-end service.

With high-end spas becoming even more in demand, there has been an influx of competition in the marketplace. Jeff Nourse has been able to rise above all of the competition and has set himself and his spas, New You Spas, well above the competition. While other spas promise concierge-style service, Jeff Nourse is the only one to truly deliver on that promise. With so many spas offering cookie cutter treatments, Jeff Nourse has created specialized and personalized treatments based on his client’s needs. From using the latest technology, like the Clarity UV Visualizer to determine the extent of skin damage to keeping up with the latest must haves (like Latisse eyelash enhancer), Jeff Nourse is at the top of the high-end medical spa market.

With the new trends that are constantly showing up, Jeff Nourse is able to decipher which of these trends are important to offer to his clients. Many high-end spa services come and go so quickly because they are found to be harmful to the client. Jeff Nourse always has his client’s wellbeing as his priority. When a new trend comes along Jeff Nourse is careful to make sure that he is bringing only safe, effective services and products to his clients.

With so many spas focusing on how many treatments they can sell to their clients, it is important to have someone like Jeff Nourse who is focused on creating the desired results for his clients rather than just how many things he can sell them. This client-first attitude is what has made Jeff Nourse a true leader in the medical spa industry.

Jeff Nourse is focused on providing his clients with the newest technology that is FDA approved and is safe. Jeff Nourse would never use a product or service in his spa that could potentially hurt his clients. This is why he fully investigates any product or procedure before it comes to his spa. Jeff Nourse also makes sure that his staff is fully licensed and trained on the proper techniques for using all of the spa services and products that he offers. This is what has made Jeff Nourse a leader in the spa industry.


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