Saturday, August 10, 2013

Getting Rid of Pests is Now Easy and Safe - Columbia Pest Control Inc

Columbia Pest Control Inc offers quick, dependable and environmentally safe pest control, eradication services, and maintenance plans throughout greater Portland area.
Portland, Oregon - Pests are troublesome, noxious and cannot be tolerated. Columbia Pest Control Inc is one of the best among Oregon Pest control companies. They have over 30 years of experience in pest control and extermination service. Their licensed technicians have handled some of the toughest and complicated Portland pest control problems.

They service a broad range of commercial and residential accounts including homeowners, property management companies, and commercial enterprises large and small. Columbia Pest Control, Inc. also works closely with the real estate market performing wood destroying insect/organism inspections as well as full home inspections.

The Specifics they for provide include:
·         General sanitation inspection and reporting
·         Integrated Pest Management (IPM) inspection and reporting
·         Localized treatment
·         Termite and other wood-destroying organism inspection and reporting
·         Ant control
·         Biting insect investigation and reporting
·         Exterior and interior rodent control

Their Service includes:

·         Initial service: Columbia Pest Control will correct the existing pest problems by first conducting a thorough inspection, and then provide precise elimination and prevention techniques.
·         Regular scheduled prevention service: Columbia Pest Control will provide a regularly scheduled maintenance program coordinated to prevent further infestations.
·         Additional service calls: Should additional service calls be required between normal scheduled visits for any of the pests covered under this agreement, there will be no additional cost.

·         Materials used: The materials utilized for control purposes are approved by the appropriate regulatory agencies and are applied in a manner consistent with product labeling.

“Thank you Columbia Pest Control Inc. Thank You for your wonderful service in ridding our house of carpenter ants. I know this is not an easy job because of the unusual construction. Your patience and professionalism with repeated phone calls and a house call on short notice to accommodate our contractor are very much appreciated”-- C. Casey, Oregon

"When you select Columbia Pest Control, you can rest assured that you are trusting the pest control needs of your home or place of business with the safest, most qualified, ecologically sound and reliable company in the northwest."-- Mike Giskaas, Owner of Columbia Pest Control Inc

Columbia Pest Control Inc provides written guarantees for every situation before the job is started. As each situation is unique all guarantees take into consideration the type of pest they are eradicating, the type of structure and its surroundings. For the last 20 years they have promoted integrity and an honest commitment to provide good Portland pest control service that ensures peaceful, pest free environment. 

Media Contact:
Name: Mike Giskaas
Business Phone: 503-254-1606  
Address: 1722 Northeast 119th Avenue,
Portland, OR 97220 

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