Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Health Advocate and Author of Weight Loss 101 Kevin Pimentel Shares How He Conquered Obesity

Kevin Pimentel, a health advocate, acknowledges the fact that losing weight or switching to a healthier lifestyle can be a challenging task. This gives him the motivation of putting together a helpful guide that contains the information of his experience so far. He believes that by sharing his personal experiences he can be of help to other people's personal journey to make it as easy and as successful as possible. In this guide Kevin has included everything he wishes he had known right from the beginning.

Weight Loss 101: How I Conquered Obesity can be found at his website In this motivational and educational guide, Kevin shares his cleanser and optimum health shake recipes. Definitely, this educational and content-rich guide can save everyone hours of frustration and thousands of dollars.

Some of the secrets revealed in this guide include how to take the first steps into healthy living, keys for achieving success, what items to avoid and why they are harmful, preparing the cleanser, preparing personal smoothie, tricks to eating healthier snacks, benefits of individual ingredients, a successful sample 3-week program, and more.

If you want free information on developing healthy habits make sure to visit the website for articles, reviews, video demonstrations and more. Once you are on the site, it is very easy and convenient to navigate. You can see the different sections on the top corner i.e. home, about, contact, members’ area, and the articles section for more valuable information about weight loss. You can also see some pictures of Kevin being able to achieve his goal of losing weight and conquering obesity. helps guide and support anyone wanting to live healthier.

Site visitors can also download the FREE educational report that raises the awareness on the toxic ingredients that are present in the food and valuable info on how to avoid them. In this report the author exposes the most dangerous ingredients that are putting the consumers’ health at risk.

For those of you interested in trying to lose weight, or, if you are just attempting to maintain a weight loss, be sure to check out

About Kevin Pimentel

Kevin Pimentel is the author of "Weight Loss 101: How I Conquered Obesity," creator of, and a 24 year old advocate for health. helps guide and support anyone wanting to live healthier. Kevin is delighted to share his experiences for others to find success without the struggles.

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