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Top 8 advises you’d be crazy to ignore before getting your first tattoo!

Getting your first tattoo is a giant step, a life changing decision that can affect your current lifestyle or future career. There are many questions that need to be answered before inking your self permanently and here are my top 8 advises that you should not ignore or you may regret your first tattoo later.

1.     Think hard what kind of tattoo design you want

Have you been inspired by a work of art and you want a tattoo done for you or you just want to have one because your friends have them and you think it’s cool?

If there is one most important thing to consider before getting work done is that it should be something that, when you look at it, makes you feel good and this is very important as you are going to looking at if for a long time.

On most cases, people who want to get a tattoo give tattoo artists little information and just rely on them to do what ever they think are best. This is not ideal as it can come out with something you don’t like at your own cost.

2.     Know where your tattoo should appear

Tattoos in visible places can look amazing but they are not for everyone.

If you are young, never been employed and has a career to look forward to, having a tattoo done in obvious places  like your neck or hands is something you have to seriously think about and most artists will say no to you.  Try first to have them in places that can easily be covered like the navel or the hip area.

For mature people, employed and having a tattoo will not make a difference in your career, then go ahead and have the liberty to have them in obvious places for the entire world to admire.

3.     Find the right tattoo artist

You need to search for the right Tattoo artist by talking to as many tattooists as possible. Find one that you are comfortable talking with as it can take a lot of discussion with a tattooist to agree on your terms and conditions.

Always ask to see a tattooist’s previous work for proof of the artist experience and skill. Never use a tattooist who only has random tattoo books and pictures on display or the photo album have been digitally manipulated.

4.     Investigate the Tattoo Studio’s record

Once you have selected the studio you want to get your first tattoo done, do some investigation on its health and safety record by phoning the local health authority for any violations. You maybe are sharing blood with strangers if you don’t check.

Make sure that the studio is legal and license. Unlicensed studio normally doesn’t practice good hygiene and may endanger your health.

5.     Book an early Appointment

For men as they accumulate testosterone while asleep, it is ideal to book an early appointment say at noon rather than late in the evening as the adrenalin from the accumulated testosterone can help ease the pain during the tattooing process.

For women, early morning booking is highly recommended as they are fresher in the morning in most cases.

6.     Consider the cost

Make sure the tattooist agrees on a flat rate upfront so there will be no surprise cost after the tattoo has been done.

If you want a quote, get the image of the tattoo design and ask around for how long it will take and how much it will cost

7.     Be ready for Pain

Be prepared for pain. Tattoo is going to hurt so expect pain during the process. Taking painkiller may not ease the pain but will prevent swelling.

Don’t take aspirin as it is blood thinner and will make you bleed more. If possible, avoid aspirin 3 days before the tattooing process as one aspiring can last a weekend.

Try to regulate your breathing to help you deal with pain. Doing breathing exercises and relaxing while having the tattoo done will do wonders to ease the pain.

8.     Hygiene is important

It is important that the tattooist prepares all the equipment properly. Make sure that the tools used are clean and needled are unused.

Use of gloves is important but the tattooist should wash their hands properly before putting the glove and there should be many changes of gloves during the procedure.

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