Sunday, March 25, 2018

Get A Prettier Vagina + FREE eBook

Getting a better smelling vagina naturally is easy! Learn how and...
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Here are the steps for a prettier vagina...

1. Use Gentle Soap - Avoid using harsh, fragrant soaps. Scented soaps can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions on or around your vagina.
2. Kegel Exercises - Kegel exercises help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, creating a tighter vagina and making sex feel better.
3. Keep it Safe - STDs, like venereal warts and genital herpes can destroy the appearance of your vagina and your overall health. Prevent sexually transmitted diseases by using a condom.
4. Drink Water - Keep the skin on your lady parts hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Drinking water keeps your vagina moisturized, young looking, and healthy.
5. Cushioned Bike Seat - Bike seats may also cause friction and can actually stretch your labia if you are not careful. When riding your bike, Minimize friction with proper seat cushioning.

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