Thursday, March 2, 2017

Philadelphia Family Attorney of Shawn Carter Jay Z Sings Like A Bird and Debauch’s False Statements of His Wife Regarding Rymir's Paternity Rights in New Jersey

PA Judge Doris Pechkurow in 2015 re-confirms Rymir's jurisdiction was relinquished to New Jersey June 2012! See Court Transcripts. Philadelphia Attorney Ned Hark from Goldsmith, Hark, and Hornak PC for Shawn Carter aka Jay Z never disputes Rymir's New Jersey jurisdiction according to Court Transcript of May 15, 2012. See Page 28 lines 6-11 (See PA Transcript), but his wife also and family attorney Lise Fisher from the Micheal Fingermann law firm for Jay Z in New Jersey, did however, give false statements since August 2012 regarding this stating there is an open Support Order in PA for Rymir which is false (NJ Transcript). However, New Jersey knows the truth, but was trying to stall for time during this allege cover up by New Jersey Courts since 2013. Read full news here:

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