Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Former flight attendant pens book about Dubai

For Immediate Release

Northern Empress

Most people see Dubai as the fantastic, elegant country of the Middle East with resplendent apartments, homes and dazzling night life. 

This is only one side.

Northern Empress and her husband lived in Dubai for approximately three and a half years.  During this time, she saw both the good and the bad sides of the human condition.

“All people see of Dubai is the luxury and glamour. What people do not see is the horror and squalor of the people who live and work in the U.A.E.,” said Empress.

Stories such as the housewife who routinely beat her housekeepers, fed them bleach and forced them into closets for hours at a time. The Moroccan expat who lost a child because her husband beat her so badly she had a miscarriage. A roommate who threw hot cooking oil on another roommate over a disagreement on the air conditioning.

“It is quite a shock to anyone. There is certainly a romantic side to Dubai, but there is an equally dark and harsh side – the side no one talks about,” said Empress.

A large number of the stories deal with women and immigrants who come to the country to work.

Stories such as the bus driver who sexually assaults a special needs person; a Filipina woman who spent a year in prison, with a baby, because she could not produce a marriage license.

Empress expects the stories to shock most of the readers.

“Most of what I saw was alarming. I am a girl originally from Minnesota, and I never expected to see anything like what I saw in Dubai. It was only after a few months that I realized there was more to the city than what we see on television. This was the reason for the book,” said Empress.

Dubai, 1 City 2 Different Tales: Chilling true short story collections set in the Middle East tell the dazzling city's beastly wicked side is available at Amazon.com.


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