Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Richman Trading are delighted to announce that reviews of their hand and grip strengthener exercise rings on Amazon.com have now hit 100 and continue to rise daily with yet more positive product and seller feedback for their 100% lifetime guarantee product. Over 75% of those reviews have been 5 Star and over 15% 4 Star.

Customers are loving these rings and finding them practical and easy to use as well as immensely portable.  A wide range of age groups from children to seniors are taking advantage of the strengthening and stress relief capabilities these little rings afford them.

As it states in their listing...

·         PERFECT SIZE HAND STRENGTHENERS FOR REHABILITATION. Sized especially for women, youths and those who have injuries, such as repetitive strain injury, or for stroke and occupational therapy. Simple squeeze exercise equipment.

·         GREAT FOR SENIORS - Strengthening of the hand is important for all of us during the ageing process to help remain supple. Simple flexing and squeeze exercises mobilise and train each muscle of the hand.

·         IMPROVE GRIP - Manage heavy pans and open jars easier with our easy to use, portable fitness equipment. Slip in your pocket, use while watching TV or at your desk to alleviate stress.

·         3 RESISTANCE LEVELS - The 3 piece set includes 30lb, 40lb and 50lb round hand grips for training in all three major grip areas, namely crushing, pinching and even extension. Bonus: PDF Training Manual delivered via email.

·         LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - The rings are made from Eco-friendly premium silicone (not food or medical grade). If the rings rip, tear or break due to use, you can either have them replaced or a full refund 100% guaranteed.

The Flex-O-Fist Silicone Hand Strengthener Exercise Rings are designed to exercise the hands, fingers and muscles of the lower arm and biceps to both strengthen and tone them.

Ideal for use to improve grip and hand strength for household tasks, all kinds of sports including martial arts.  Nice compact easy-to-use physical therapy equipment to help improve your flexibility and suppleness.  Easy to pop in your pocket, use while watching tv or to keep at the office, as the squeeze action of our fitness equipment will help to reduce stress.

What’s Included in the Set?

1 Green 30lb Ring
1 Blue 40lb Ring
1 Orange 50lb Ring

How to Use Flex-O-Fist

Simply squeeze the varying resistance silicone rings. There are three major training types: crushing, pinching and extension.  The extension exercise is simply an isometric pushing movement through the central hole of the ring; you cannot extend the ring at all. You can either gradually increase the resistance and difficulty of your training as your hand strength improves or alternate between the 3 rings in a single workout, giving you the benefit of interval training.

At 2.75 inches / 6.5 cm across the ring with a 1.25 inch / 3cm central hole they are sized especially for the average female hand, youngsters and those who are exercising for rehabilitation of muscles due to injuries, such as repetitive strain injury, stroke or occupational therapy. May not be suitable for men who have a large hand span.

We take pride in bringing quality products to you. If our hand strengthening rings ever rip, tear or break through normal usage, we will replace or refund your money 100% guaranteed for life.

 Made from silicone and weighing in at a few ounces each, Flex-O-Fist Hand and Grip Strengthener Exercise Rings are available from our Amazon store at Buy on Amazon

For further information contact Richman Trading via Yvonne on info@flexofist.com

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