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Desert Bloom Skincare Center provides solutions for chemotherapy patients suffering skin problems.

(Scottsdale, AZ)  Desert Bloom Skincare Center has established a distinctive and notable treatment facility in Scottsdale, AZ.  Like many skincare centers across the country, it offers spa facials and treats acne, breakouts, rashes and dry skin.  "But one specialized area we are increasing focus is skincare for cancer patients," said Natalya Borakowski of Desert Bloom Skincare Center.  "I have seen a lot of people deal with medical changes to their bodies due to chemotherapy.  Unfortunately, chemotherapy also significantly affects skin, which is a problem that often gets missed or ignored."   

Borakowski, who has owned the skin care center since 2008, points out that health effects from disease and illness have always resulted in rapid response and thorough evaluation from medical experts.  "Why not take things a step further and treat issues dealing with skin," she said.  
 Arizona is known as a tourist destination due to its warm, dry climate and affordable cost of living.  A number of out-of-state residents reside in the state during winter months.  The vast majority are elderly retired with a percentage suffering from some type of cancer.    

"These cancer patients should go to a skin care facility like Desert Bloom Skin Care Center for specialized treatment," said Borakowski.  She points out that chemotherapy affects skin cells, so having specific knowledge about skin and how it reacts is critical.   "Skin cells typically grow and renew, but cancer treatment prevents them from regenerating.  Since no new cells are emerging to protect the exterior of your skin, every day spa treatments such as facials or face scrubs could prove detrimental.

ABOUT DESERT BLOOM SKIN CARE CENTER:  DesertBloom Skin Care Center has been serving customers of Phoenix Metro area since 2008.  Anyone who has recently moved to Arizona is probably experiencing changes to their skin, sudden breakouts and acne.  Severe dryness is very common.
Desert Bloom Skin Care Center uses the newest equipment and most advanced professional lines to address needs of absolutely any client.  Microdermabrasion, oxygen facial, customized organic facial and chemical peel are some available options.  The skin care center also offers other spa services such as body massage, full body waxing, including Brazilian waxing.
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