Friday, December 25, 2015

Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center to ‘Turn up the Life’ with the 3rd Annual 5K Run in the Gardens

3rd Annual event to promote health and fitness as the natural way to improve one’s quality of living and generate funds for student scholarships.

Florida, [PR Buzz] December 25, 2015: The Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center, in partnership with The City of Miami Gardens and community partners, is proud to announce the 3rd annual Dr. Fidel S. Goldson Sr. 5K Run in the Gardens. After the huge success of the previous run and health expo, this year’s event will see more cheers and fun as runners, patients, vendors and volunteers hit their strides into the zone of healthy living and raise financial support for students.

The run and expo will be held at the Betty T. Ferguson Recreational Complex, 3000 N.W. 199 Street, Miami Gardens, Florida, on Saturday, February 20, 2016. The event will kick off at 7:30 am, followed by a health expo and festivities around noon. The expo will feature companies specializing in wellness and local businesses sharing their insights into keeping fit with smart nutrition and produce benefits. The event will also include entertainment and host special guests.

Event times and registration

Date: February 20, 2016
Early registration: $15.00 – Early Registration ends on February 8th
Early registrants have a chance to win an Apple IPAD mini
Registration fee: $25
Late registration on event day starts 6:00 am
Zumba warm-up: 7:00 am
5K run/walk: 7:30 am

All proceeds from the event will go toward providing a total of $3,000 in scholarships for the Miami Carol City and Norland High Schools. An additional $3,000 will go to the Kingston College Scholarship Fund created in honor of Dr. Fidel Goldson Sr.

The 5K Health and Wellness Expo was launched by Dr. Goldson Jr. in 2013 to honor the memory of his father, who spent his life spreading awareness on how natural health strategies can improve the quality of life. The ‘Run in the Gardens’ will take walkers and runners from Betty T. Ferguson Recreational Complex across scenic surroundings to Sun Life Stadium and back.

When asked about the event Dr. Goldson Jr. said, “The reason why we put on this event is not only to continue my father’s legacy, but to also stress the importance of education to our youth.  My hope is that that people will come out to support and embrace this effort because we truly see it as a pathway to building stronger and healthier communities.”

Over $6,000 was raised last year and this year’s goal is to raise even more. Sponsorship is welcomed from interested individuals, companies and organizations. Sponsors can select pre-packaged deals that include promotions in print, flyers, radio and TV, email blasts, social media and the internet, and on other avenues including Goldson Spine Center’s database of over 7,000 people. The sponsorship packages consist of: Platinum ($2,000), Gold ($1,500), Silver ($1,000), Bronze ($500), Paper ($250) and Individual ($50). All donations are tax deductible.

For more information about the event and sponsorship and participation details, please visit:

About Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center

The Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center is a chiropractic and physical therapy practice serving the South Florida area. Its mission is to provide the most courteous and effective care and increase the wellbeing of every patient that walks through the door. Goldson Spine Center’s offices are located in Pembroke Pines, Plantation, and North Lauderdale, and each provide: treatment for auto accident injuries; physical therapy; sports medicine; health and wellness; and massage therapy.

For more information, please visit:

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Marcelle B. Jones
Goldson Spine
954-584-3774 / 954-655-8712

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Shark Tank Blog Introduces the Latest Technology in Light Up Shoe Laces

Litie Laces were developed by a U.S. Navy Veteran with the mindset of safety first as learned from his many years of service. Litie Laces, shoe laces that uses LED Light Technology. Litie Laces are great for providing night time. Litie Laces was created as a safety measure for bicyclist, skateboarders, skaters and runners who enjoy running and riding at night. It is extremely important to be visible at night in order to prevent accidents. Litie Laces provides a cost-effective, fun solution to keeping safe while riding in the dark.

 Litie Laces come equipped with 2 (3Volt) lithium batteries that keeps your laces lit and/or flashing for up to 70 hours. The laces provide 3 settings Fast Blink, Slow Blink, and Light On. Our laces are water resistant, flexible, durable, and safe. 

 We are excited to announce our campaign “Night Rider”, a national initiative for adults and youth to incorporate important safety measures in an effort to reduce fatal accidents that occur when riders and drivers collide at night. 

 We would like to extend our reach to communities across the country by connecting with groups that support safety for patrons that ride at night. Our product has recently been selected as a vendor for As Seen On TV distribution channel. A portion of the profits will go to educating and training youth of safety measures that should be enacted when riding at night through organizations like YMCA, The Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and the Police Athletic League (P.A.L.)

  To learn more about this product, you can view the video below that was featured on the Shark Tank Blog:

Already sold? You can purchase this product directly on As Seen On TV

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Abbi Yeboah
Creative Director, The Sharpp Group
Office: 973.814.4103

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Full schedule of health and spiritual training retreats is in place 

As of January 2016 OMline Ashram is opening its doors for seven day health and spiritual, training programs.

Finally a destination that offers a vacation from which you will return home rejuvenated other than depleted. The only place in Kauai, Hawaii to host a healthy vacation. Daily schedule includes: Yoga meditation, delicious raw living food, various workshops, speakers, entertainers and time for sightseeing and adventures. Kauai retreats programs are designed to restore balance, enable healing and turn you from a lifelong Seeker to a present time Seer. Its training aim to point you in the right direction so you find what you are looking for and realize your full potential. Mention where you saw Kauai retreats news release and receive a $500 discount on your first retreat. Kauai retreats are open for anybody who is ready to take charge and full responsibility on their health. For more information visit

OMline Ashram’s founder and the host of Kauai retreats, OM EinDor Berov says “Our training retreats don’t just aim at health, as in a healthy body but at a much higher target…We aim at radiant health and Self-realization.” OM explains that radiant health is a culmination of physical health, mental health and spiritual health. All of which leads to Self-Realization. Without health, the ability of the individual to experience life to its fullest potential, manifest his or her dreams, thoughts and ideas and be truly happy, is very limited. The tools that a person gets in any one of Kauai retreats, be it a signature yoga retreat, meditation retreat, weight loss cleansing retreat or the raw Chef Certificate retreat are priceless. Those are the tools that when used in daily life, will increase longevity by decreasing the effects of physical, mental and spiritual stress. Some of the benefits derive from using OMline Ashram’s practical methods are a healthier body, peace of mind, happiness, the ability to truly love and be loved, better concentration, the ability to focus on the positive, the ability to relax and sleep well, the loss of extra weight and so much more…In short, a strong sense of well-being. Feeling as if you have a new lease on life.  Being high on life, intensifies within you the desire to enjoy life to its fullest. It helps motivate you to take good care of yourself. 

OMline Ashram - Host of Kauai retreats

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Artist Hahn Transforms Island Resort

Artist James R. Hahn at Palmeiras Beach Club Grand Opening

December 22, 2015 - Artist James R. Hahn gets the calls that many artists may not be able to answer: large-scale unusual murals & room transformations. The artist who became well known after his first major murals went worldwide along with the Cabbage Patch Kids phenomenon. Hahn takes the calls for the big & difficult projects, because that is what he has done for almost 38 years.

When Hahn received a call from developer/owners of Grove Isle Hotel & Spa on an island in the  Coconut Grove area of Miami, he jumped at the chance to help them “re-imagine” the entire resort.  A very respected and historic location, Grove Isle was needing a revitalization, and received it with the help of successful management team of Jacques Wullfaert & Sami Kohen. Hahn answered their call, after they had seen his work for the Patron Tequila Platinum Club.  The developers plans included completely renovating the décor of the Grove Isle Hotel & Spa and turning it into the new “Palmeiras Beach Club at Grove Isle”.

The Hahn team of James R. Hahn and his wife/partner K Hahn, came in & evaluated the spaces & murals needed to make a new & exciting look for the resort.  What they came up with eventually blossomed into ten different murals & rooms. The Gibraltar dining room got specialized sea creature murals for the ceiling and a new white & monochrome make-over. An enormous party deck was turned into the “Taittinger Champagne Lounge”. James & K painted huge 22 ft champagne bottles spraying out bubbly on the canvas awning-ceiling 30 feet above party-goers' heads. The team also tackled a Chefs Table private dining & party room with a 40 foot mural that is a direct homage to sponsor Perrier-Jouët Champagne. Other major sponsors followed suit, wanting a presence in the newly branded island resort. Patrón Spirits with Southern Wine sponsored a Patrón Lounge, with the Hahn's creating a sunset mixed media mural that infused the patented “bee logo” of Patrón Tequila. Finally … Russian Standard Vodka desired a Hahn mural and was treated to a special art-piece in the popular Tiki Bar of the beach club.

With Hahn murals in place, and a new look & feel for the club & hotel, the Grand Opening in December 2015 drew so much attention that the island had to be shut down for incoming traffic. Be sure to visit the new Palmeiras Beach Club at Grove Isle & see what the Hahn's call “the BIG Picture”.


Media Contact: Kay Hahn / 949-510-2428 /

A Brief Look at Instantly Ageless the Revolutionary Anti Aging Cream

Instantly Ageless is a skin wrinkle cream that has been taking the world of beauty by storm. The product which is manufactured by Jeunesse Global seeks to help users slowdown the aging process. Although aging is part-and-parcel of being human, many people desire to remain youthful for longer. They want to have smooth, flawless, healthy, and vibrant skin even in their golden years. And this is why they turn to products such as Instantly Ageless and are constantly seeking to know where to buy instantly ageless. Classified as an anti-wrinkle cream, the product gets rid of wrinkles or fine lines that affect the skin, helps eradicate bugs or puffiness that develop under the eyes, and also eliminates skin blemishes and roughness. 

Why Is It Important to Know Where to Buy Instantly Ageless?

Instantly Ageless is without doubt one of the most effective anti-aging products in the market. Since its launch into the market, many people have had the privilege of using the product. And from their testimonials and reviews, many appreciate and are quite impressed with the results. It clears wrinkles, fine lines, eye bugs, acne, roughness, dryness, oiliness and more. Nonetheless, to enjoy maximum satisfaction, it helps to only go for genuine products. Such products are sourced from the true manufacturer who is Jeunesse Global. They have also been tested and certified to meet the recommended standards. What’s more, a user is guaranteed of zero side effects since the real product doesn’t contain any harmful substances.

Who Is Jeunesse Global?

If you are looking for where to buy instantly ageless it would be helpful to know the company behind this revolutionary anti-aging cream. Jeunesse Global is the sole manufacturer of Instantly Ageless and prides on being a leader when it comes to skincare products. The goal of the company is to help people maintain their youth for longer and also revitalize aging skin or other flaws. And to achieve this, the company invests in the latest and most innovative technologies such as adult stem cell, youth enhancement system (Y.E.S) and more. Courtesy of its award-winning products, Jeunesse Global was recently ranked as the third fastest rising company by Direct Selling News Global 100 after experiencing a 93.8% growth. The company products are available in over 107 countries and its sales exceed $900million annually. 

Truth is that just like it has helped many people rejuvenate their skin, Instantly Ageless can also help you bring back the youthful skin. All you need is getting the right product. And to accomplish this, you need to focus of several issues when looking for a vendor or distributor. One, the source should be reputable and is known to only deal with genuine products from Jeunesse Global. Two, the distributor or seller should be experienced in this field and has the product in stock. Three, interacting and getting the anti-wrinkle cream should be a user-friendly and stress-free experience. Four, the agent should offer amazing discounts and special prices to the customer.

Don’t take chances with your skin by acquiring a product that isn’t genuine. You shouldn’t expose yourself to side effects simply because you chose the wrong products. Also, you don’t have to pay extra to get the right product. What you need is dealing with an approved agent or distributor of Jeunesse Global products. Not only are you assured of the real product and quality service, but will see your skin become smoother and more vibrant. 

Media Contact:
Stanislav Rurik

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