Friday, December 25, 2015

Shark Tank Blog Introduces the Latest Technology in Light Up Shoe Laces

Litie Laces were developed by a U.S. Navy Veteran with the mindset of safety first as learned from his many years of service. Litie Laces, shoe laces that uses LED Light Technology. Litie Laces are great for providing night time. Litie Laces was created as a safety measure for bicyclist, skateboarders, skaters and runners who enjoy running and riding at night. It is extremely important to be visible at night in order to prevent accidents. Litie Laces provides a cost-effective, fun solution to keeping safe while riding in the dark.

 Litie Laces come equipped with 2 (3Volt) lithium batteries that keeps your laces lit and/or flashing for up to 70 hours. The laces provide 3 settings Fast Blink, Slow Blink, and Light On. Our laces are water resistant, flexible, durable, and safe. 

 We are excited to announce our campaign “Night Rider”, a national initiative for adults and youth to incorporate important safety measures in an effort to reduce fatal accidents that occur when riders and drivers collide at night. 

 We would like to extend our reach to communities across the country by connecting with groups that support safety for patrons that ride at night. Our product has recently been selected as a vendor for As Seen On TV distribution channel. A portion of the profits will go to educating and training youth of safety measures that should be enacted when riding at night through organizations like YMCA, The Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and the Police Athletic League (P.A.L.)

  To learn more about this product, you can view the video below that was featured on the Shark Tank Blog:

Already sold? You can purchase this product directly on As Seen On TV

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