Thursday, June 25, 2015

The King and Queen of Periscope hijack the platform to create the world’s first ever Periscope Music Video to Nicole Arbour's new single "Fun Revolution"

Wine and Tech Innovators Gathering This Week in Napa


11th Annual Wine Industry Technology Symposium Developed for Wine Business Leaders, Marketers, Innovators

(NAPA, Calif.) June 25, 2015 – Technology leaders in both marketing and wine including Brad Rosen of DRYNC, Joe Rosenberg of Google, Paul Mabray of VinTank aW20 Company, Michael Pavone of quench, Brian Rosen of Rosen Retail for Adult Beverage, Josh Saunders of Uncorkd and Max Kalehoff of Social Code are set to engage and inspire attendees with the latest information and ideas this week at the 11th Annual Wine Industry Technology Symposium (WITS)set for June 25-26, 2015 at the Napa Valley Marriott in Napa, California.

Brad Rosen, CEO of DRYNC shared, “The biggest game changer is consumer expectation. The convenience of mobile technology in particular has set a new bar - MAGIC. If your experience is not magical, it is essentially useless in the eyes of the consumer. Immediate access to products at a competitive price and personalized service are table stakes. Consumers have no tolerance for the mediocre, little patience, and high expectations for special treatment. Like never before, you need to know each individual customer and cater to their needs…now.”

“While the information shared at WITS is the foundation of the program, the incredible tech-related experts from both inside and outside the wine business drive the event, ignite the sharing of ideas and really fire up the pace! This year we have a rich, multi-layered program of inspirational keynote presentations and idea-sparking round table discussions with experts on the first day, as well as the more in-depth breakout sessions on day number two,” said Lesley Berglund, co-chairman of WITS and co-founder and chairman of the Wine Industry Sales Education (WISE) Academy.

Paul Mabray of VinTank, A W20 Company said, “Technology and the ‘internet of things’ allows us to bypass traditional market research, which many times becomes stale by the time it’s complete, and opens up opportunities around location-based marketing, identifying influencers and our customer’s interests. Now we can learn in real time who our target audience is, what they’re talking about and interested in online, and actually pivot in the middle of campaigns, if necessary. We’re able to reach our ‘true market’ instead of guessing about a broader audience.”

“The Wine Industry Technology Symposium has always kept pace with the rapidly evolving technology of the day. It’s transformational as we produce this event year after year, to reveal the hottest trends emerging at the crossroads of wine and technology from marketing and consumer interaction to wine production and vineyard management,” said J. Smoke Wallin, founder and co-chairman of WITS.

To really use hand-on technology to take things to the next level, “Multi-rotor small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (sUAVs), commonly known as drones, provide the opportunity for exceptional high-definition aerial still photography and videography. The resulting imagery can be used by winery owners in developing marketing campaigns, while vineyard owners find aerial imagery useful in identifying problem spots and leveraging the additional perspective for general vineyard maintenance,” shared Jim Brammer of Soaring Vistas Media.

Registration is now open, attendees can view the entire two-day program and register at

About WITS:

The Wine Industry Technology Symposium® (WITS) is the focal point for thought leadership in the strategic and tactical use of technology in the global wine industry.  WITS was created in 2005 by a group of wine industry and technology professionals to advance innovation and to address the unique information technology and service needs of the wine industry.  The 11th annual WITS will be held June 25 – 26, 2015 in Napa, California. To learn more, join WITS on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

For more information, go to or contact Waunice Orchid of the Wine Industry Symposium Group at 707-666-2525 or


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Billionaires Row Champagne Launches Distribution in South Africa

Billionaires Row Champagne launches in more than 30 new locations between Capetown and Johannesburg according to Best Dining List.

Billionaires Row Champagne announced the launch of its South African Venture after one year of seeking out the best partner to represent the brand within the region. Now Restaurants, Night Clubs, Venues and Resorts have all started pouring Billionaires Row during an extensive market test in 2014. Today Billionaires Row Executive Director, William Benson, stated that their South African partners, who are no strangers to the business of luxury brand development, have signed and committed to a five year deal that is unparalleled in the Champagne industry.

During the test Super Model Derryn Lester who was named to the 2015 Most Beautiful People, represented the Billionaires Row South Africa brand through a strategic campaign that was used to help establish the brand in Capetown and Johannesburg. "This Venture is quite unique. It is a key focal point for our operations throughout key markets in the African Continent.”

Billionaires Row Champagne US and South Africa will develop strategic relationships with celebrities and their charities to be acknowledged by the South African division. The brand has done extensive luxury events from Polo to the friars club & club liv Miami in the US and now plans to extend its brand by co-branding from MTV, Resorts to Fashion week in both Capetown and Johannesburg.

About the Champagne:

The Champagne Charles Mignon "Cuvée Billionaires Row" Brut Rosé Grand Cru will charm you with its shining color between grey and orange topped with very nice rings of fine bubbles.

On the nose, the Cuvée initially displays floral notes with a subtle rose’s fragrance. A pretty bouquet, very intense and complex with round mouth, lightly spicy, you can enjoy intense aromas where hazelnuts and subtle apricot dominate this Cuvée. This is very well balanced and distinguished Cuvée.


Champagne Charles Mignon “Cuvée Billionaires Row” Brut Rosé Grand Cru is composed of 55% Pinot Noir and 45% Chardonnay for which we add 15% of Bouzy Rouge, a famous Pinot Noir in Bouzy village in the middle of Champagne. To obtain this fabulous Champagne, we select the Noblest grapes issued from « Grand Cru » Terroir profiting a more important aging in cellar from four to five years.

Billionaires Row: A Luxury Lifestyle Brand

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New Yoga Knee Pad To Take The Industry By Storm


Sherman Oaks, CA, June 23, 2015 – KneeQi, LLC, a California-based company intends to take the yoga market by storm with its innovative new yoga knee pad. KneeQi™, which contains the Chinese word “Qi” (pronounced “Chi”), meaning  “energy flow,” is designed to solve the problem of knee pain during yoga practice. “While I love to practice yoga, my knees hurt every time I put them directly on my yoga mat,” says Netta Grutman, the founder of KneeQi, LLC. To solve this problem, Grutman developed a light weight, eco-friendly knee pad which cushions yogis’ knees during yoga practice.

“It feels like your knees are floating on butter, if butter was vegan,” beams Grutman. The knee pad is made of vegan-friendly and BPA-free Nitrile Rubber (NBR).

The KneeQi™ knee pad not only allows yogis to practice yoga in a more comfortable way, but it also solves another distracting problem. “No more folding over your regular yoga mat or fidgeting with your blanket to cushion your knees in the middle of your flow,” says Grutman. The KneeQi™ pad is designed to fit perfectly on a standard size yoga mat and to be left on the mat for the entirety of the practice. “Once your practice is done, you can just roll your KneeQi™ pad directly into your yoga mat until your next practice,” says Grutman.

After evaluating and assessing many materials, Grutman decided on the extremely plush and flexible NBR. “The quality of the knee pad material is superb, there is nothing like it out there,” says Grutman. In addition to being comfortable and convenient, the KneeQi™ pad is also 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. “I wanted to make sure the knee pad was environmentally friendly and attractive to even the most sensitive users, such as pregnant women,” says Grutman.

Online sales of the KneeQi™ pad have already begun, and the company plans to officially launch its product during the upcoming Yoga Journal LIVE! event at the Hotel Del Coronado, in San Diego, California, from June 25 to June 29, 2015. Event coordinators anticipate over 1,600 yogis in attendance, including yoga teachers and studio owners.

According to Grutman, the KneeQi™ pad is an exciting entry into the $10.3 billion yoga industry. “People come up to me and say they thought they were the only ones suffering with knee pain during yoga. I wonder how many of the other 20 million yogis out there feel the same? ”With the launching of this new product, KneeQi, LLC, intends to help yoga enthusiasts of all skill levels chant “ommmm, and not owwww” during their yoga practice.


CONTACT:  Netta Grutman, KneeQi, LLC; Website:

New Book Series Launches on Kickstarter

“Open Up: Women on Wellness” is the start of a new book series empowering all people to communicate openly and promote understanding, empathy, and compassion. This first book includes 12 women’s personal stories under the topic of health and wellness. Issues reflected on include body image, eating disorder, abusive relationship, illness, grief, mindfulness, finding your own path, sexual relations, and being a young mother.

“The purpose of this book is to highlight personal stories that could be your sister's, friend's, colleague's, your neighbor's, or your own. Hopefully it will give a different perspective, have the reader question his or herself and lead to self-reflection,” says Shaina McAndrews, Chief Editor of Open Up and President of Purple Birch Publishing Ltd. “The book is in the final editing phase but we need to raise funds in order to go to print for an October release. We are using Kickstarter and asking everyone to help by pledging $1 or more.”

Donors choose which reward they would like. Possible rewards include a handwritten postcard from one of the writers in the book featuring the book cover, a silk screen t-shirt of the book cover, a signed printed copy, a special mention in the ebook, an invitation as an honored guest at a cocktail party for all the writers involved and an invitation to the book launch party.

In order to raise funds, there will be a local event to complement this Kickstarter which will be held in Jenkintown, PA at The Art of It, a local art gallery featuring local artists. Come by July 10th from 6-9pm to make a donation in person for local rewards which have been sponsored by local businesses, meet some of the women behind the project, and have a great time! Otherwise, please donate on Kickstarter and share this message with someone who will, too!

For more information about the book series, the local event, the Kickstarter, or Purple Birch Publishing Ltd., please contact Shaina McAndrews at or tweet @PurpleBirchPub

Monday, June 22, 2015

Novo Tratamento com Comprimidos Para o Acne e Borbulhas Com os Melhores Suplementos Naturais - Venda Livre(Sem Prescrição Médica)

Até agora, os melhores produtos eram a base de tratamentos tópicos que eram vendidos Sem Receita Médica, para ajudar a gerir os custos. Embora estes produtos fossem eficazes a tratar os sintomas da acne eles não eram tão bons em questões de prevenção, porque eles funcionam através de tratamentos aplicados topicamente em oposição aos comprimidos, que trabalham de dentro para fora. Acnetame contém ingredientes poderosos alguns dos quais são suplementos como selênio e vitamina B5 e já existem diversos estudos que comprovam a sua eficácia, estes comprimidos também contém NAC (N-acetil-cisteína), que também tem sido muito estudado pois este ingrediente tem um poder e efeito desintoxicante nos nossos corpos.

Acnetame é atualmente o produto mais vendido do mercado e o produto na sua classe com a classificação mais elevada, este produto realmente funciona, e ajuda a clarear a pele,como é um produto de venda livre o seu preço fica muito mais em conta. Acnetame não é um medicamento e não é garantido que vá ajudar todas as pessoas com seus problemas de pele, mas as avaliações mostram que ele pode realmente ajudar as pessoas que não têem um problema sério de pele, nesse caso aconselhámos que visite um dermatologista. A Acne é na maior parte das vezes causada por flutuações hormonais dentro do nosso corpo que causa aumento da produção de óleo (também conhecida como sebo) em nossa pele levando a uma maior probabilidade de termos uma pele oleosa, poros entupidos e até mesmo uma infecção na nossa pele. Ao tomar estes comprimidos de venda livre para a acne, como Acnetame permite, que desta maneira a gente consiga reduzir essa produção extra de óleo e, assim, conseguimos reduzir a quantidade de acne na nossa pele.

Acnetame está disponível para ser comprado no seu website e também na Amazon. Se quiser obter mais informações ou ler mais artigos sobre remédios naturais e sem prescrição para reduzir a acne, sugerimos que visite o nosso website Acnetame pode ser utilizado em conjunto com outros tratamentos tópicos, que também podem ser comprados sem prescrição médica, e que não são prejudiciais para a sua saúde, nem para o seu corpo, pois apenas são utilizados ingredientes saudáveis, mas muito poderosos, vitaminas, minerais e um aminoácido que faz com que os resultados apareçam. É recomendável que todos os regimes de suplementos sejam avaliados por um médico, para ter a certeza que são adequados a si, pois nem todas as pessoas reagem da mesma maneira aos suplementos.

Os suplementos devem ser sempre ingeridos durante as refeições ou com o estômago cheio, para aumentar a absorção e a digestão. Com isto dito, Acnetame não tem qualquer efeito secundário. De fato o efeito secundário mais relatado é que algumas pessoas ficam com a pele seca, o que pode ser facilmente aliviado, baixando a dose.

Acnetame oferece uma forma saudável de combater os seus problemas de pele, estamos muito contente por termos bastantes clientes satisfeitos, por isso continuamos a dar o nosso melhor para que os nossos clientes tenham um exterior limpo e confiante ao longo das suas vidas.

Se você deseja ser um distribuidor no seu país, por favor contacte-nos através do nosso website ou Facebook.

Thomas Lartin
(631) 662-2657

Gourmet Hemp Seed Grocer Ramps-Up Hempire with Multiple-Platform Website

Hippie Butter Website Launch Includes New Hemp-Infused DuBe Hemp Energy Shot

June 22, 2015 - DALLAS -- Brad Ervin, CHO (Chief Hemp Officer) of e-commerce specialty-grocer, Hippie Butter, L.L.C., announced the launch of the new, multiple-platform, user-friendly website,

Reported Ervin, “Our interactive website,, is secure, mobile-friendly, easy-to-use and features our wide array of “Family Approved” healthy, delicious hemp seed foods, drinks, and body-care products. The Hippie Butter website focuses on hemp education, hemp history, hemp nutritional information,  recipes, and simple, step-by-step cooking videos that demonstrate methods to incorporate the healthy, nutty goodness of hemp seeds into your favorite family recipes. The industrial hemp plant is so mind-blowingly good that most people don’t believe it at first, that’s why our customer service line, (972-354-4504), is open 24/7 – to answer questions and help people feel comfortable ordering our products.”

“In addition, we and our Joint Venture partners, American Seed & Oil (, a subsidiary of North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc.(USMJ), are thrilled to add DuBe Hemp Energy Shots to our Hippie Butter organically-certified, hemp-infused product lines. The DuBe Hemp Energy Shot is a berry-flavored, all-natural, zero-calorie, energy drink infused with Hemp Seed Protein Powder providing smooth energy for hours. DuBe Hemp Energy Shots are made with the highest quality ingredients that are herbicide/pesticide-free, nut/gluten/dairy-free, non-GMO, Vegetarian approved, Kosher-certified, and THC-free (100% Legal) -available now at,” Ervin ended.

About Hippie Butter, L.L.C.

Hippie Butter was founded by Brad Ervin and Melete Finch after Brad discovered the nutritional benefits of hemp seeds while touring with leading rock and roll acts as a sound engineer. He is a former chef who welcomed the opportunity to share this “superfood” and his innovative recipes with friends. Hippie Butter's new FREE Hemp Seed Sample Program ( is a great way for consumers to sample and fall in love with sustainable, yummy “superfood” hemp seeds. With vision, vitality and mission, Hippie Butter is a driver for healthy people and a healthy planet.

About American Seed & Oil Company - subsidiary of North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc., (USMJ) - Is founded around the core belief that cannabis makes people's lives better. Cannabis can fight disease, improve wellness and do so in an environmentally sustainable manner. American Seed & Oil is dedicated to finding the best possible applications for cannabis to serve consumers. For more information, please visit and look for a new North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc., (USMJ) website coming soon.

This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the "Exchange Act"), and as such, may involve risks and uncertainties. These forward-looking statements relate to, among other things, current expectation of the business environment in which the company operates, potential future performance, projections of future performance, and perceived opportunities in the market. Due to a range of factors, the company's actual performance, results and achievements may differ materially from expressed or implied statements.


M.M. Finch
Phone: 214.460.8230

Mike Murphree
Phone: 972.528.0162