Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New Book Series Launches on Kickstarter

“Open Up: Women on Wellness” is the start of a new book series empowering all people to communicate openly and promote understanding, empathy, and compassion. This first book includes 12 women’s personal stories under the topic of health and wellness. Issues reflected on include body image, eating disorder, abusive relationship, illness, grief, mindfulness, finding your own path, sexual relations, and being a young mother.

“The purpose of this book is to highlight personal stories that could be your sister's, friend's, colleague's, your neighbor's, or your own. Hopefully it will give a different perspective, have the reader question his or herself and lead to self-reflection,” says Shaina McAndrews, Chief Editor of Open Up and President of Purple Birch Publishing Ltd. “The book is in the final editing phase but we need to raise funds in order to go to print for an October release. We are using Kickstarter and asking everyone to help by pledging $1 or more.”

Donors choose which reward they would like. Possible rewards include a handwritten postcard from one of the writers in the book featuring the book cover, a silk screen t-shirt of the book cover, a signed printed copy, a special mention in the ebook, an invitation as an honored guest at a cocktail party for all the writers involved and an invitation to the book launch party.

In order to raise funds, there will be a local event to complement this Kickstarter which will be held in Jenkintown, PA at The Art of It, a local art gallery featuring local artists. Come by July 10th from 6-9pm to make a donation in person for local rewards which have been sponsored by local businesses, meet some of the women behind the project, and have a great time! Otherwise, please donate on Kickstarter and share this message with someone who will, too!

For more information about the book series, the local event, the Kickstarter, or Purple Birch Publishing Ltd., please contact Shaina McAndrews at ShainaMcAndrews@PurpleBirchPublishing.com or tweet @PurpleBirchPub

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