Saturday, June 13, 2015


• Account manager Rachel loses 5 stone after getting advice from Made In Chelsea star Binky Felstead
• Reality star provided advice on how she shaped up for the hit E4 series
• Introduced popular slimming product to her diet with improved diet and exercise sessions

Dieter Rachel Morris has recently revealed how she was able to lose an amazing five stone just by following the same dieting tips from the beautiful Made In Chelsea star, Binky Felstead.

Rachel Morris lost an impressive five stone after a chance meeting with Made In Chelsea star Binky Felstead.
Rachel Morris, 24, from Wollaton and an account manager from The Linney Group was able to knock an impressive six inches from off her waistline, bringing her down from a size 18 to a sexy size 10, with a total slimming loss of 5 stone. This meant Rachel brought herself down from 16 stone to an impressive 11 stone just by simply using the advice from celebrity Binky Felstead, incorporating FORZA Raspberry K2 into her diet and increasing the intensity of her gym sessions. Rachel was inspired to tackle her weight loss battle after Binky Felstead made a public appearance at the popular pharmacy chain headquarters, Boots, in Nottingham back in 2014.

Rachel said: “I have always been a huge fan of Made in Chelsea, particularly Binky Felstead. I noticed her huge transformation throughout the show. She was initially quite plump at the beginning of the series and now she has really turned herself around. She looked absolutely amazing when I first met her during her public appearance in Nottingham. She was just so toned and had an amazing shape. I always remember thinking, ‘I need to do what she is doing’. Binky Felstead was so incredibly sweet when I met her. She even explained to me how she had finally changed her diet and started to exercise regularly with the help of Raspberry K2 from Forza Supplements. Just by seeing her looking so great and in shape was the exact inspiration I had been looking for in order to really get in shape.”

Tipping the scales and unhappy

Rachel’s story is very similar to many others. She had allowed her weight to shoot up throughout the years since leaving school, simply by overeating. She would manage to consume entire tubes of Pringles, family-sized chocolate bars and plenty of other popular snacks and unhealthy foods all in the space of a single day. The weight kept piling on, which meant Rachel needed to make the change she so desperately needed.

Rachel went ahead to explain: “I was constantly eating all the wrong types of food and I had no exercise in my life, which meant my weight began to spiral out of control. The weight gain made me miserable and I had no self-confidence at all. I will always remember shopping at shops such as Warehouse, Oasis and Topshop and realising, as a size 18 woman, many of their designs wouldn’t be able to fit me. I never wanted anyone to see my body either. During family holidays I always felt ashamed of my appearance. There was no way on this earth you would of seen me in a bikini.”

The reality check hit when Rachel forced herself on to a set of scales and the paper receipt which was printed, showed Rachel her true weight of 16 stone, that brought her to tears. At this point Rachel knew this was a wake-up call that she needed and that she had to exercise regularly and eat more carefully.

But the changes Rachel made didn’t really provide her with the results she needed, until she met Binky Felstead at the public appearance at Boots headquarters which was situated in Nottingham. Seeing the new slimmed down Binky provided Rachel with the incentive to do more.

Rachel found success with leading Raspberry K2 weight loss supplements

Rachel began to take the same Forza supplements that Binky Felstead had used throughout her own slimming journey, Raspberry K2 capsules, which Rachel said made a significant difference. She said: “The weight soon began to fall off when I started to take the Raspberry K2 capsules from Forza. They prevented me from snacking and gave me that extra boost of energy that I needed in order to go visit the gym.”


FORZA is a leading manufacturer and retailer of supplements in the UK with an established presence on the high-street with retailers Boots, Superdrug, Lloyd’s Pharmacy, Tesco and Holland & Barrett.

Twitter: @officialforza

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The Franchise Biz Directory Announces New Advertiser, BrightStar Care


JUNE 13, 2015 - The internet destination for some of the best franchise opportunities and the best business opportunities around has welcomed a new advertiser, BrightStar Care.

BrightStar Care offers a powerful senior care franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs who are looking to start a private duty home care and medical staffing business. The senior care company delivers medical and non-medical services to clients in their own homes, as well as supplemental care staff to corporate clients. BrightStar Care has been franchising since 2005 and offers uncapped revenue potential, national accounts, a proven blueprint, training and ongoing support, and web-based software and business solutions. International franchise opportunities are also available.

The Franchise Biz Directory is excited to connect BrightStar Care with prospective new franchise business owners. The Franchise Biz Directory allows people who are interested in franchise and business opportunities the ability to simply click on the franchise or business of interest and go straight to the advertiser’s website. The website offers advertisers social media marketing, public relations, web traffic, exposure, and more, while providing a solid resource for those who are interested in learning more about various franchise opportunities. More information about BrightStar Care can be found at  

About The Franchise Biz Directory

The Franchise Biz Directory is an increasingly popular franchise website that aims to offer the best online experience for prospective franchise owners who want an easy way to find the best opportunities and business opportunities. The owner of the website, Joel Libava, is a top franchise expert and experienced online marketer. Social media marketing, public relations, web traffic, exposure, and more is included with every franchise marketing package. Libava’s goal is to provide the best experience online for prospective franchise business owners who want an easy way to find franchise opportunities.


Joel Libava
The Franchise Biz Directory
Ph: (216) 831-2610

SHEATH UNDERWEAR Announces the Availability of the Newest Most Comfortable Design in Men's Underwear Perfect for any Active Lifestyle!

We will appreciate you visiting our site, to get a better idea of our product.

SHEATH UNDERWEAR’s distinct characteristic is the soft flexible interior pouch sewn into the groin of the garment specifically designed to avoid ball-to-thigh contact with high quality and comfort in mind. Cut to flatter every man, the intelligent body defining fit with added stretch and shape retention, together with the classic logo waistband, tag-less comfort, and cool packaging makes the product both desirable and distinctive.

SHEATH UNDERWEAR is a relatively new American brand and the concept was derived while under the extreme conditions of an Iraqi Summer, in the middle of a war by an Army Sergeant serving his country.

Necessity is the mother of invention. The design is intended to cross over between sports, functionality, and fashion, incorporating a long-lasting blended material which breathes to keep you cool and dry during normal daily activities and heavy workouts. The brand's design is traditionally classic with preferred color options, but the trademark has mainly concentrated on providing a functional underwear options.

With the distinctive SHEATH design, which provides an actual size flexible pouch/pocket constructed with contoured angles that gently isolate and protect the mail package from overheating, sweating, and chafing. This unique design provides remarkable comfort described as “the feeling of soft angel hands soothing your balls”. Many other underwear companies such as Jockey, Meundies, and Munsingwear claim to have a pouch, and even have it in their name, but they do not have an actual isolation pouch like SHEATH underwear has where you can fit the entire male genitalia into so your balls won’t stick to your leg under any circumstance. The battle of the Bulge is being waged and claims of a false pocket need to be addressed.

There is no pouch in the Jockey Pouch or Munsingwear Kangaroo pouch. There is simply a contour shape of the groin that they claim to be a pouch. SHEATH has the actual separation pouch sewn into the groin, which can be seen by clicking this link: SHEATH UNDERWEAR proudly announces the availability of the newest most comfortable design in men's underwear perfect for any active lifestyle. SHEATH underwear specializes in quality men's boxer briefs underwear aiming to be the leader in selling high quality male underwear within the decade. If you’re getting an exciting line of underwear, look no further than

SHEATH UNDERWEAR is only Brand with a functional pouch for your package. You can do jumping jacks and maintain secure support in the process. Their underwear and has since grown to become a semi-recognizable men's underwear brand with the release of SHEATH 2.0 on Kickstarter in 2014. Their innovative 100% cotton version will be re-released Fall 2015. They are distinguished in their use of high quality fabric and their unrivaled design providing functional underwear that prevents mashing the package into the body. SHEATH will also be adding new designs to the collection each year. The newest design, to be released before the winter holidays will have a bold, SHEATH representing waist band with a lower rise cut and longer legs added to the already popular SHEATH pouch design. is an online men's underwear store with high quality functional underwear designed by an American Soldier.

Contact Us
San Antonio Texas
+1 210 369 8679
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Ein neues Akne-Mittel revolutioniert die Art, wie Menschen erfolgreich ihr Akne-Symptome beseitigen können und zwar durch herkömliche Art und direkt aus der Theke

Bis jetzt, die besten Produkte waren topische Behandlungen, die an der Theke verkauft wurden. Und obwohl diese Produkte wirksam bei der Symptome-Behandlung von Akne sind, sind sie nicht gut genug um zu verhindern, dass neue Probleme entstehen können, da sie mit topisch applizierten Behandlungen arbeiten, im Gegensatz zu Pillen, die von innen heraus behandeln können.
Acnetame enthält leistungsfähige Zutaten, wie Selen und Vitamin B5, die mit Studien belegt sind und die Wirksamkeit zeigen und gleichzeitig NAC enthalten (N-Acetyl-Cystein), was für seine entgiftende Wirkung in unserem Körper untersucht und bekannt wurde.
Acnetame ist das meistverkaufte und am besten bewertete Produkt seiner Klasse, weil es tatsächlich und klar arbeitet, um die Haut zu helfen und Ausbrüche von innen heraus zu reduzieren und wirkt gleichzeitig wie ein Akne-Produkt aus der Theke.
Acnetame ist kein Medikament und garantiert nicht, dass es jeder Person mit Hautproblemen helfen wird, aber die Bewertungen zeigen, dass es in der Tat, Menschen, die nicht das Gefühl haben, dass sie ein ernstes Problem haben, helfen kann. Ansonsten, müssen Sie Ihren Hautarzt oder Apotheker konsultieren.
Akne Ausbrüche werden oft durch hormonelle Schwankungen innerhalb unseren Körper verursacht. Das wiederum verursacht eine erhöhte Ölproduktion (auch bekannt als Talg) in unserer Haut, was zu einer höheren Wahrscheinlichkeit führt, dass unsere Haut fettig wird und man verstopfte Poren und Infektionen unter der Haut bekommt.
Bei der Annahme von Acnetame wird es für uns möglich, die Menge der Ölproduktion zu verringern und damit auch die Menge der Akne zu reduzieren, die wir letztendlich dadurch bekommen.
Acnetame kann auf der Website auf gekauft werden und auf Wenn Sie mehr Artikel in Bezug auf natürliche und nicht verschreibungspflichtigen Akne-Mittel lesen möchten, empfehlen wir Ihnen unsere Webseite zu  besuchen.
Acnetame kann in Verbindung mit topischen Behandlungen in der Apotheke gekauft werden und wirkt auf keiner Weise hart auf den Körper. Es beinhaltet sichere und mächtige Zutaten wie Vitamine, Mineralien, und eine Aminosäure, um dadurch die Ergebnisse, die Sie erhalten möchetn zu erzielen.
Es wird empfohlen dass alle Ergänzungtherapien von Ihrem Arzt durchgeführt und empfohlen werden, um sicherzustellen, dass es das richtige für Sie ist, da Menschen auf Ergänzungsmitteln unterschiedlich reagieren. Ergänzungsmittel sollten auch mit der Nahrung oder auf vollen Magen verzerrt werden, um dadurch die Absorption und die Verdauung zu erhöhen.
Acnetame hat keine beunruhigenden Nebenwirkungen. In der Tat, die häufigste Nebenwirkung, die Anwender beschreiben ist eigentlich nur Hauttrockenheit, die durch einfache Senkung der Dosis gemildert werden kann.
Acnetame bietet eine gesunde Art und Weise, um Hautprobleme zu bekämpfen und wir freuen uns, so viele zufriedene Kunden zu haben, die wir durch klare Hautschönheit glücklich machen können, und sie auf ihrem Weg zu besseren Haut begleiten dürften.
Wenn Sie gerne an dem Vertrieb dieses Produktes in Ihrem Land interessiert sind, können Sie uns via Email kontaktieren.
Contact Information: 
Company Name: Email: Phone: 1-631-662-2657 Country: United States Website:

2015 Legends of Muay Thai Summer Camp Galveston, Texas

July 23-26 2015 Galveston, TX will host Texas's biggest Muay Thai Training camp!
People from all over the world will be flying in to Houston and making the drive to
Galveston for the Muay Thai Legends Camp featuring:
Saekson Janjira, Jongsanan Fairtex, Neungsiam, Kronphet, Lerdsila, and Kongnapa.

For those of you unfamiliar with these names imagine the 92' Dream Team (Jordan, Bird, Magic)
and the 2012 (Paul, Lebron) team teaching a basketball clinic.
These are all time greats mixed with todays top Muay Thai fighters.

Heres a little information on the guest instuctors:

Saekson Janjira: 7X World Champion, 200+ Fights
Jongsanan Fairtex: 2X Lumpinee Champion, 2X ISKA Champion
Neungsiam: Former Lumpinee Champion, Mitsubishi 8 Man Chamion, Current IMTO Champion
Kronphet:Nai Kanontom Champion, Prince Cup Champion, 200+ Fights
Lerdsila:3X Rajadamnern Champion, WMC Champion, WLF Champion, WCK Champion
Kongnapa:4X Rajadamnern Stadium Champion, 7X World Champion

Thursday-Sat Campers will train from 8am - 11am at the Galveston Island Convention Center
and pick up again in the afternoon on the beach at 4pm. Sunday at noon will be an awards

Camp Schedule
July 23 8am - 11am Convention Center & 4pm - 5pm Beach Training
July 24 8am - 11am Convention Center & 4pm - 5pm Beach Training
July 25 8am - 11am Convention Center & 4pm - 5pm Beach Training
July 26 12pm Awards BBQ

That same week Friday July 24 LK Legacy Kickboxing returns to Houston at the Bayou Music Center featuring
16X World Champion Valentina Schevchenko, and 209lb tournament finals!

Legends Camp Director Michael Chase Corley
"This will without a doubt be the biggest Muay Thai/Kickboxing Weekend in TX History. We will be hosting
one of the nations biggest Muay Thai Camps and LK is having an awesome night of fights that same week!"

To Register your spot at the camp please visit

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Home Chef John Chandler Famous For Creating World's Best Lasagna Recipe Announces Launch of Frozen Version of Popular Dinner

A person would be hard pressed to find a more popular recipe online than Home Chef John Chandler's “World's Best Lasagna Recipe”, with the recipe topping the AllRecipe website for over a decade. Responding to requests from passionate lovers of the meal Chef Chandler recently announced the launch of a frozen version of World's Best Lasagna dinner, that's both delicious and affordable.

June 10, 2015

There's few meals as popular in America as lasagna, and quite possibly no lasagna recipe as popular as Home Chef John Chandler. Chandler, the author of the “World's Best Lasagna Recipe” that has topped multiple website top recipes lists for over a decade, recently made a huge announcement.  The World's Best Lasagna” is now available as a frozen meal, following the recipe that Chandler has made famous. Debuting at the FMI Connect 2015 food show, the anticipation surrounding the release is high.

“We're taken what has been an internet sensation since 2001 and made it into a delicious, easy and fast cooking frozen meal,” commented Chandler.  “It's really been an amazing experience and we know food lovers are going to appreciate our attention to detail.”

According to the company, the frozen meal has been made with the best ingredients and following closely the “World's Best Lasagna Recipe” that has received over 40 million views and 8,000 five star reviews. Cooking the frozen meal couldn't be any more simple and easy and extra attention has been paid to keeping the price point attractive.

The FMI Connect Food Show is being held June 8-11, 2015 in Chicago, IL.

For more information be sure to visit