Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Hot New Eyebrow Threading Kits by Helix

Helix has a hot new Eyebrow Threading Kit that allows anyone to do threading at home.

Traditional threading is done using thread that is fixed about the hands and fingers in a looped fashion. A twist is formed in the loop, and that twist is used to pull hairs from the skin. This technique often results in thread cut to the skin of the fingers (which could transmit infection or disease).

The Helix® ThreadEase System was invented, by a Medical Doctor, to fix this problem.

The Helix® ThreadEase System uses a revolutionary, patented tool, to hold the thread in place (so there is no risk for thread cut to the fingers). This makes the art of threading so easy, that anyone can do it.

The Helix® tool is trendy and cool. It is ergonomically designed to make threading easier, and safer for all involved. The two Helix® ThreadEase handles can be easily manipulated for safer and easier threading hair removal. The patented tools are designed for both Home and Professional use.

You may purchase the Helix Hair and Eyebrow Threading kits at:

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