Sunday, August 16, 2015

Unbreakable Sunglasses that are Made to be Fashionable

The idea is simple, create a product of simple measures that satisfy consumers through a stylistic design. But sometimes you want to create something more than just that, something more innovative for a simple product as a pair of sunglasses.

The crew behind franky sunglasses have created The Marshall which is a new model designed and created to be resistant against violent impact. So that you will be able to use a pair of quality sunglasses during a longer lifetime than the average sunglasses as they will never break. The technique behind it is a development of a stronger hinge made of stainless steel that is much more compact.

Together with other parts of the sunglasses such as the acetate frames and polarized lenses made of hardest plastic available they are pretty sure that The Marshall needs to face real heavy pressure before they will get broken? Don’t believe it, well take a look at the website to see how they handle a 3 ton heavy SUV. There you can also read more about the product and how they can be unbreakable.

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