Friday, August 7, 2015

Send Butterflies Brings the Magic of Kaleidoscope Wings to any Occasion

For the conservation minded and those who want a unique way to celebrate a special occasion, Send Butterflies offers an alternative in the form of Flying Butterflies. Made of paper and powered by a rubber band, Send Butterflies provides the means to preserve butterfly populations while creating a memory that will live on long after the event is over.

The use of butterflies to mark special occasions is a popular practice to symbolize a love of life and new beginnings. Flying Butterflies are delicate constructs of paper created with a specially designed wire to make them soar. To release a flurry of multi-colored wings, simply wind up the rubber band and release the butterfly.

Flying Butterflies spin their wings as they ascend high above the crowd to surprise and amaze the recipient and they can be used multiple times. Two Flying Butterflies are just $9.99 and come complete with a card and optional message for the beneficiary.

Convenient online ordering is available and individuals have the option of sending their surprise anonymously. Delivery is made within seven days anywhere in the world to ensure the butterflies arrive in time for any event.

The practice of releasing live butterflies at special events has many conservationists around the globe concerned about introducing invasive species into the environment and removing them from their natural habitat. Send Butterflies eliminates that consideration since live butterflies aren’t used and there’s no need for extensive research to ascertain if the release is legal in a particular area.

In many cultures, butterflies are symbolic of peace, happiness, luck, good fortune and prosperity. Flying Butterflies can be used to provide a colorful celebration for wedding couples or they can be used as distinctive wedding favors that will be kept for years to come and remembered with fondness. They’re appropriate for reunions, birthdays, and retirement parties. Flying Butterflies are equally at home in the corporate world for the launch of a new business or important meetings. The paper butterflies can be released during holidays, festivals or any special event.

Send Butterflies offers a colorful and memorable alternative to releasing live butterflies to surprise friends, family and colleagues and they can be used as a one-of-a-kind favor at weddings and similar events. The Flying Butterflies are a safe and eco-friendly way to honor loved ones, celebrate a holiday or promote the success of a new business venture.

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