Saturday, July 11, 2015

EZ Tote™ is the Super Durable Bag that’s Easy to Store

Treasure Coast, FL, July 12 – Every customer is provided a shopping bag made of either plastic, paper, or something else upon every successful purchase made at the local grocery store or mall. These bags are used to package every item we check out, providing a means of carrying all our products or groceries that we purchase on daily basis. Though, much debate has been made to know of the safest and cheapest among all types of materials used to produce these type shopping bags.

The process of producing plastic shopping bags demands an enormous amount of oil. These oils should have been useful either as a means of fuelling or a means of heating. These bags end up littering our environment and kill thousands of marine mammals that mistake the floating bags for food. The paper produced shopping bags consumes more trees, according to American Forests and Paper Association, 10 billion paper grocery bags were used in 1999 in the U.S. alone, this adds up to a lot of trees.

EZ Tote™ unique design puts an end with all the negative side effects you have from using these types of unfriendly plastic shopping bags. Earthly Goods, Intl LLC is located on the Treasure Coast, Florida. The company initiated the production of the EZ Tote™ as a means of reducing the carbon imprint that the petroleum based plastic bags leave behind. But the company also understands that the consumer has to have a value incentive to want to practice sustainability.  So the company set off to make the perfect bag that would incorporate the type of features that would make the bag attractive to the everyday consumer.

EZ Tote™ is a super durable storage bag that has an oversized design that can easily carry up to 50 pounds of weight and has an adjustable padded shoulder strap which makes hands free carrying a breeze. Plus, EZ Tote™ has outside pockets for your cell phone, car keys and more and comes with a patented SuperMax™ insulation compartment that reflects 97% of ‘Thermal Energy’, perfect for keeping frozen foods frozen or cold drinks ice cold.

There might be many other producers of reusable grocery bags, but Earthly Goods Intl, EZ tote™ uses advanced technology to stay several steps ahead of them. EZ Tote™ is a perfect and unique solution that makes it useful for carrying different types of things all at once.

Indeed, every moveable item can be carried using EZ Tote™. This bag is useful for every task ranging from Grocery Shopping, Carrying your gear to the Gym, Beach or just to a Sporting Event. It can also be used to convey foods in flasks to office, construction workplace or even a better option to store all your storm prep supplies.

EZ Tote™ is machine washable so you can always keep it clean and it rolls up and straps shut for compact storage. And also much money would be saved from always needing to purchase another bag when one gets dirty. EZ Tote™ is available for sale on its website at an affordable price and even comes with a Life Time Guarantee. 

About Earthly Goods: 

With every different type of grocery and other bags you take home every day, you are rendering your home to look messy and untidy. Earthly Goods, an LLC established to provide solutions to general issues, and manufactured the EZ Tote™.  An entirely washable shopping bag the rolls up and straps shut for compact storage helping homes looks clean and neat, at the same time, saving the cost of buying bags often. But more importantly, it replaces the need for plastic shopping bags that leaves a massive carbon imprint on our planet.

If you need more information about EZ Tote™ please contact Brent Meldeau at 772-341-0411, or email

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