Monday, June 8, 2015

Introducing The Next Generation Solar Window Candle

Production line of Solar Window Candle

This Solar Candle helps people and the planet. How much could you save in batteries over 5 years? Investing in Next Generation Solar Window Candles helps people by helping the planet. Are we helping or hurting this planet and the next generation? Lessening the burden on the environment by eliminating thousands of batteries being thrown away every week lessens environmental impact.

The Next Generation Solar Window Candle is more than just a solar window candle. It provides power to 5 optional modules. Every family member can make use of these candles. From the tiny tot, who uses it as a night light, to the teenager, who uses it to charge the smart phone. Then there's mom who uses it to time those cakes and pies to perfection, and dad who uses it to make sure he is never late for work.

New modules just introduced are the security module, for a tool-less security system that is perfect for apartment or dorm. Next there's a radio module to sleep by or keep up with the latest news and sports. Light module to read by or eat by when the lights go out. This is possible by the polarized magnet connectors that transfer power from the power storage base to the modules via top and side connectors.

With a 5 year warranty, you know this is not designed for the dump. How much money could you save in batteries over 5 years over 5 devices? Knowing you have more uses this can apply to, take this opportunity to light the way and support this project.

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