Saturday, March 22, 2014

The World of Dating

Are you single, married or in some sort of relationship?  Are you thinking of joining a dating website in search of love or fun? Well, you will be spoilt for choice whatever your status or mission!  But before you complete that glorious profile that will get you your heart’s desire, you need to read ‘The Perfect Match Made in Eden’ by Jane Pern. It will give you good insight into what you might encounter in your search and save you from making some common mistakes!

Love doesn’t come easy in Jane Pern’s latest book, The Perfect Match Made in Eden.

Based on a true story, this rollercoaster romance introduces Jemma and Carl—two people who think they’ve made the perfect match on a popular dating website.

But while Jemma is genuinely looking for love, Carl turns out to be married and looking for something a bit more fun.

When Jemma uncovers Carl’s despicable lie, she thinks about calling the whole thing off. But then on second thought, she decides to do something even better—why not make Carl fall madly in love with her, then drop him so he can get a taste of his own medicine?

As Jemma aims to dupe Carl at his own game, the two lovers begin a twisted dance full of lies, temptation, heartache, and revenge. Have they both gotten in over their heads?

Love is the cruelest game! And as Carl and Jemma’s relationship cat-and-mouse game makes them wreak havoc on each other’s minds, hearts, and souls, one wonders who of the two will be the winner! This relationship’s twists and turns will leave you guessing until the very end.

(‘The Perfect Match Made in Eden’ by Jane Pern is available on Amazon.  Paperback - £3.99; E-book - £1.50.)

Monday, March 17, 2014

ShoesPie Now Showcases Daily Deals of Exotic Shoes for Women of Great Mystique and Beauty

Summary: After clothing, footwear takes a prominent place in the life of an average woman. ShoesPie, a leading online store for women footwear, now showcases daily deals of exotic shoes for women of great beauty and mystique.

(PR Buzz) - Beauty is a relative term as there are a number of things that contribute to it in the life of every woman; and amongst all known factors, the value of quality footwear cannot be underestimated. Today, ShoesPie, a leading store for footwear products, showcases daily deals of exotic shoes for women of great beauty and mystique.

As of today, ShoesPie has taken a giant stride in the fashion industry as it has been a great source for women shoes of good quality and affordable prices. By all standards, the store offers the best of footwear in the industry. Every day, worldwide shoppers can find great deals as new arrivals are being added to the storefront from time to time; and there is the offer of free shipping on certain purchases.

According to the Marketing Director, ShoesPie has all it takes for women to look gorgeous with their dresses and shoes. "The exotic shoes from ShoesPie come in various colors, styles, and designs. Some of the colors include blood red, bright pink, royal blue, and light green. Whatever may the mood of a woman, there is always the type of color to match her outlook or the theme of the occasion she wants to attend. For instance, our stiletto shoes are greatly befitting for all kinds of occasion," she reveals.

While speaking on the available designs that women can find on the storefront, the Marketing Director of ShoesPie confirms that the possibilities are endless. With a sense of urgency, she states, saying, "Women can find different shoes with flat heels, wedge heels or low heels; and the styles include flower prints, suede toe cut-outs, closed toe low/high heels, and patent leather heels. Amongst others, the sexy stiletto heel thick platform leopard suede shoes would make a woman look like one of those celebrities! For as low as $37, shoppers can take an advantage of the daily deals. This implies that they don't have to spend much more before they can be proud owners of Cinderella-like shoes."

Furthermore, other kinds of footwear that are usually involved in the daily deals of ShoesPie are boots and casuals. Women who like to look like cowgirls can opt for ankle boots and high heel sandals such as chic denim knee-high boots with buckle. "Nothing compares with using the right pairs of shoes and a dress that would match theme of an occasion. For instance, wearing a skirt below the knees with gorgeous purple suede rivets decoration high heel shoes would make a woman look charming and sensational," she adds.

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ShoesPie Announces Spring Sale with Up to 30% Discounts on High Quality Shoes

The spring is a good time to showcase stylish and fashionable shoes that match one's dress. Now, ShoesPie, a leading online shop for all kinds of footwear, announces its spring sale of high-quality shoes with up to 30% discounts.

(PR Buzz) - Without doubts, footwear plays a great role in the overall outlook of any woman as it would contribute to the her personality and what she represents before others. Today, ShoesPie, a leading fashion shop for shoes, announces its spring sale of high-quality shoes with up to 30% discounts on all purchases.

According to the Marketing Director of ShoesPie, with the special promo being offered on the store to worldwide customers, it's now possible for every woman to find their favorite Cinderella-like shoes at the most competitive prices ever. "Shoppers no longer have to spend fortunes to buy their favorite pairs of shoe brands on the market. All roads now lead to ShoesPie storefront as we are offering special 20% - 30% discounts on a wide variety of footwear, and these include heels, sandals, boots, kids shoes, and casuals," she reveals.

It's also noted that the shoes come in a wide variety of styles, designs and sizes for women of all ages, who are looking for cute and cool designer footwear at the best prices. More so, the products come in various colors that go with the personality or mood of an individual, or with the theme of a party or an event. While speaking on some of the available products, the Marketing Director confirms, saying, "In order to ensure that shoppers find their desired types of shoes, new arrivals are being added to the store continually. Hardly would there be a time when a shopper won't find what she wants. Besides, the daily deals are mouth-watering offers that anyone shouldn't miss."

Citing some of the high-quality shoes and footwear that ShoesPie has in stock for the promo, she states, saying, "For instance, shoppers can find products like stiletto heel platform women shoes, peep-toe stiletto heel shoes, bow-tie flat heel shoes, double ankle strap high heel shoes, flat heel lace-up running shoes, and knee-high boots with buckle. In addition, the footwear comes with various material which include leather, polyester, chic denim, and suede. In all, the shoes being offered are fanciful and stylish, and some of them are even decorated with beautiful embellishments for an aesthetic appeal."

It's been reported as well that the bonanza is for a limited time, and it is open to customers from all parts of the world; and there is a guarantee on product quality. "Free shipping will be given to shoppers who buy shoes whose total price is worth over $69. Individuals and retailers worldwide can take an advantage of our discounted offers today," the Marketing Director adds.

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