Thursday, March 6, 2014

New Laser Cap Reviews Video for Thinning Hair

Los Angeles, LA, March 6, 2014 –– Lucy Gilbert from Seasonal Marketing announces a review of the Laser Cap, an enhanced portable low level laser hair re-growth product.

"Low level laser therapy has existed for many years now and is proven to help maximize the growth of hair, and as such there are a number of laser comb devices on the market today. However, one thing that is often overlooked is the number of lasers diodes these devices contain, as you need to be getting enough energy to the hair follicles in order to see results" claimed Lucy Gilbert from Los Angeles, LA.

Although the market today is flooded with products claiming to be able to re-grow thinning hair, laser therapy for hair growth is generally not common knowledge amongst consumers and those that have heard about it wonder how lasers can be used to not only remove hair but now also re-grow hair.

While some consumers with thinning hair may decide to give laser therapy a try, despite their initial reservations, unfortunately many products on the market today are not capable of delivering the necessary level of laser energy needed for hair growth. There are only a few products that have enough laser diodes to effectively treat the hair follicles.

According to the manufacturer of the LaserCap, the LaserCap contains 224 laser diodes which can produce the same level of treatment which you can expect in a high end clinic or doctors office.
However, Lucy points out that: "While the before and after results seen in some of the laser cap reviews online are impressive to say the least, you do need to keep in mind that low level laser therapy in general only works for those with thinning hair and not for large bald spots as you need active follicles for the treatment to work."

According to the creators, low level laser therapy with the Laser Cap is for those in their early stages of hair loss and you do need to use the device on a regular basis to ensure that the follicles are absorbing enough energy to maintain the hair growth.

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