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Sam’s Glass & Mirror Inc. of Boston: Interesting Facts about Glass

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As the premiere provider of quality glass installation, fabrication and repair in the Historic South End of Boston, Sam’s Glass and Mirror Inc. are considered experts in nearly everything involving the different and varied forms of glass that have been, and currently are, available. As the number one source of glass, mirrors and screens, not to mention custom glass fabrications, quality installations and fast and effective repairs, Sam’s Glass & Mirror Inc. Boston professionals continue to be relied upon for their wealth of knowledge and expertise by customers throughout the area.

Below, Sam’s Glass and Mirror Inc. professionals provide a few interesting facts about the composition, the history and the current use of glass and glass products.


Glass, despite popular belief, is not a liquid. Rather, glass is an amorphous solid, and is composed of the same ingredients it has always been. Glass, says Sam’s Glass and Mirror Inc. of Boston professionals, is comprised of seven basic components, including sand, soda ash, limestone, dolomite, salt cake, carbocite, cullet and rouge, which is often responsible for the green tint you commonly find in glass.

How It’s Produced

Glass, says Sam’s Glass and Mirror Inc. professionals, is created at temperatures of over 2900 degrees Fahrenheit. It is generally produced over molten tin, located within a furnace that spans approximately 160 feet. Glass products also require an astounding one million years or longer to decompose, though it its incredible durability allows it to effectively withstand the elements and never wear out.

Glass Firsts

According to Sam’s Glass and Mirror Inc. experts, the first glass factory to have taken root in America was established by early Dutch Settlers, built in the colony of Jamestown, Virginia in the year 1608. The first glass bottle-making machine, according to Sam’s Glass and Mirror Inc. of Boston professionals, was made operational in Toledo, Ohio in 1903.

Glass items have been in existence for over 3000 years, and is known to have seen its first real widespread use in the ancient Egyptian civilization. As one of the most widely used and most durable materials throughout human history, glass can be used and reused for many generations, and is most likely the oldest item in everyone’s household. 

As experts in everything glass, Sam’s Glass and Mirror Inc. knows what it takes to fulfill your glass windows, doors and objects needs. A South End staple since 1983, they continue to be the most trusted name in the local glass industry.

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