Saturday, June 28, 2014

Jewellery Design Studio: Offering Custom Diamond Jewelry That Is Innovative, Creative and Unique

Save Your Sentimental Pieces with Custom Jewelry Remodeling Services

Jewellery Design Studio in Joondalup Western Australia is a leader in the personalized jewelry market focusing on custom designed jewelry, jewelry remodeling, repairs and valuations.  The company team consists of craftsmen, designers, gemologists and registered values.  The company provides a one-stop shop that can service all of your jewelry needs.

Custom designed jewelry pieces that reflect the dreams of their owners lie at the heart of the business. Jewellery Design Studio is now offering clients the opportunity to take a creative journey from expressing your ideas on paper to seeing your creation come to life through the artisan craftsmanship of the Jewellery Design team.  The company Artisans work to combine design and value together in a tailor made piece of wearable art that compliments your personality and unique lifestyle. Unlike other jewelry shops the JDS team of designers still prefers hand drawn designing over CAD design. With hand drawn designs clients receive several quick design ideas quickly.

All designs are drawn to scale and on the spot adjustments are made within seconds. Customers see their dreams come to life right before their very own eyes.  Computer-aided design (CAD) is available at a fee that is redeemable when you place an order.  A fee is charged because it generally takes 2-3 hours to create an original design in CAD. Many stores simply show the client a gallery of designs and then modify the design as needed.JDS still believes hand drawn designs are the most economical and fastest way to create custom jewelry designs but they will use CAD upon customer request.

With a passion for sustaining and extending the story of your existing jewelry pieces the company has started to offer jewelry remodeling and recycling which transforms your old pieces of jewelry and transforms them into new pieces. The team uses what they can from the old jewelry and adds new precious metals or stones to create a vibrant and elegant new piece that still captures the sentimental memories and objects of your past but in an updated, elegant style.

Other services provided by JDS include jewelry valuations and repairs.  All valuations provide the client with proof of ownership, a detailed description of the stones and materials used in the piece, identification of stones as being natural, synthetic or imitation, notification of any certificates such as diamond grading reports, or colored stone certificates, current replacement values and a color photo detailing the piece in the event of a theft or loss.  All valuations are completed in house by staff gemologists, valuers and diamond graders.

The company offers an in house workshop that can repair any piece of jewelry from a broken chain to a full restoration of an old piece. Replacement stones are also available through our workshop.

For more information about our custom jewelry design process, jewelry recycling, repairs or valuations phone +61 (08) 9301 4077, fax +61 (08) 9301 4177, email or visit our website and complete a contact form at The store is open Monday-Friday 09:30 to 17:00. Saturdays 10:00-16:00. Please plan your Saturday appointment at least two weeks in advance. After hours appointments are available upon request.

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