Monday, May 5, 2014

Kickstart a New Healthy Lifestyle with PhuketFit

An incredible weight loss resort in Thailand is the ideal environment for a stress-free, motivational and energetic program, designed entirely around individual fitness and wellbeing.

Every individual is assessed for their fitness levels, their desires and expectations and a tailored program is created around this to work towards pre-set goals. The focus is on overall healthy results for the body and centres on training, detox, diet and cleansing.

The exquisite island facility in Phuket is a world away from boring gym sessions and tasteless so-called diet menus. The professional team of dedicated experts focus on transforming lifetime habits, with positive and effective tried and tested methods of weight loss. PhuketFit has become incredibly popular for its effective training and methods of long-lasting weight loss.

To dramatically increase your level of fitness, burn fat and improve your strength, being in an environment that allows for consistent choices puts you on the winning side of the battle. PhuketFit leaves the guessing out of the equation by insuring each guest has all of their meals planned around the most effective nutrition choices, and educating them so that this becomes a part of their lifestyle when they leave the resort. Guests can choose their length of stay 10,14,21,and 28 days and their time there is distributed into various activities offered.

Health and well-being is no longer an elite idea. People from every walk of life are taking the time to make their lives healthier. With that in mind, PhuketFit Training Resort is helping people to reach their nutrition, health, and fitness goals.

PhuketFit is a destination that helps those looking to makeover their lifestyle with cleanses fitness, Yoga, and health food. By combining each of these aspects, consumers can achieve an optimum healthy way of life. They build a plan around individualized goals for maximum results.

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  1. The professional team of dedicated experts focus on transforming lifetime habits, Rachel

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