Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Peter Meter Website Answers the Age Old Questions!

Bringing safe sex and condom selection to a whole new level, VSM Enterprises has proven there is indeed a website for everything while answering the burning questions; what is the proper size and how do you size up with the rest of the world?

Detroit, Michigan - January 19, 2014 - VSM Enterprises announces a safe sex website with a funny spin. Disputing the old adage that “Real Men Use Rulers”, today’s modern man can now measure the length and girth of male genitalia with a laptop and identify the best condom based solely on the facts!

Also included within the site, in the you just have to know department, is where those measurements rank in the world. The answer to your world ranking is just a measure and a click away. We know bragging rights are in order.

This site truly helps educate the male population on the proper condom sizes, and promotes discussion about safe sex. With this website calculation, you will be able to very easily determine how you 'stack up' with the rest of the world and find your condom size through step by step instructions. Now everyone can find out the details and sizes of over 30 condoms and purchase them conveniently!

VSM Enterprises is an app development and marketing company.

Contact Info: VSM Enterprises, LLC (248) 382-8117

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