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Tambi Renee: Answers to Airbrush Tanning Frequently Asked Questions

Airbrush tanning is becoming a popular, healthier alternative to tanning salons and traditional tanning, but many people still have questions about the process and the results. Here, Tambi Renee, founder and owner of Body Glo Mobile Airbrush Tanning, answers some of her prospective clients’ most frequently asked questions.

Is Airbrush Tanning Really Safe?

Yes, it is! Unlike traditional tanning, airbrush tanning involves no UV rays, which are the main cause of skin issues caused by tanning such as discoloration, sunburn, and skin cancer. Instead of UV rays, airbrush tanning uses DHA, an FDA-approved ingredient, to turn the skin a deep golden brown color.

Will Airbrush Tanning Turn My Skin Orange?

Unfortunately, most consumers think of at-home tanning sprays and lotions when they think about airbrush tanning, and link airbrush tanning with the orange hue that those products are known for. Professional airbrush tanning is in a completely different realm. Because professional airbrush technicians use only high quality products and methods, your skin will not turn orange after an airbrush tan.

How Long Will My Tan Last?

It depends, but most clients’ tans last from 4 or 5 days up to two weeks. Your skin, activity level, and other products you use all factor into how long your tan will last.

How Can I Keep My Tan Looking Great?

Avoid products that contain exfoliating ingredients, wait at least 8 hours before showering or swimming after your tan application, and if you shave after your tan, make sure to use a sharp razor. When you swim after your tan, make sure to use a waterproof sunscreen to avoid additional wear on your tan.

Will Airbrush Tanning Protect My Skin?

No, airbrush tanning products do not contain any sun-blocking compounds. If you spend a significant amount of time in the sun with an airbrush tan, remember to apply sunscreen with a high SPF!

How Can I Prepare for My Airbrush Tanning Appointment?

Before your appointment, shower thoroughly and exfoliate to remove any lotions or makeups that might keep the airbrush solution from reaching your skin. Wear whatever you’re comfortable with for your appointment that will minimize your tan lines. If you are not wearing other nail polish, consider applying a clear coat to avoid picking up any color on your nails or nail beds, or ask your technician about creams you can use to protect your nails. If you plan to shave before your appointment, do so at least 8 hours beforehand.

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Sun Is It Your Enemy or Friend?

We rely on the sun to stay healthy and vibrant. Our skin uses the light emitted by the sun to produce vitamin D, and we can’t absorb calcium and other nutrients without it. Many individuals have turned to artificial tanning solutions and tanning beds to gain that perfect “bronzed look,” and fail to realize the implications this has on their health.  God made the sun for a reason it nourishes plants and animals. Suntan Girl is what they call me. I must be healthy and look good. Hula Tan baby that’s the answer for me. Because sunscreen contain toxins. Lay out and bath your skin in chemicals.  No not on my body.

Suntan Girl says use natural suntan oil provided by Hula Tan. It allows you to get the look you desire naturally by combining the best oils with the sun’s natural rays.

Troubles with Spray Tans

Everyone is getting spray tans to avoid the sun. Consider all of the chemicals that go into these sprays. They give your body a darker hue by causing a chemical reaction in your skin cells. This is how they produce the melatonin needed. Sun Tan girl says get real and use Hula tan. This spray tan stuff is just wrong.  Spray tans are the most dangerous of all. Get a natural

Cheaper suntan sprays are even more dangerous. They practically “dye” your skin. That’s why so many people using these sprays end up with an inhuman orange tint. These chemicals aren’t currently fully understood. Many health advocates, including members of the FDA, suspect that there may be adverse health effects associated with using them.

Tanning Booths Can’t Replace the Sun

When it comes to getting a good tan you can’t expect a tanning bed or booth to deliver. While every effort is made to mimic the range of light produced by the sun, these beds just can’t do it.

They deliver light at high intensities. Your skin cells aren’t designed to withstand this level of abuse and will break down much quicker than if you were tanning with natural suntan oils and the light of the sun. Did you ever notice how quickly people develop that leathery look when they go to the tanning salon? It’s completely unnatural and causes premature aging. SunTan girl must never age and always look good.. That is why I use Hula Tan.

Why Natural Suntan Oils like Hula Tan are a Better Alternative

You need the sun’s light to produce vitamin D, and your body is designed to protect you from the natural radiation it produces. Using a natural suntan oil is going to help improve the appearance of your tan without putting your skin in harm’s way. Hula Tan is made from the earth’s best ingredients.

Sure, you want to look as good as possible as quickly as you can. But don’t risk your long term health for short term benefits. Use a natural suntan oil and develop your tan over time. You will stay healthier and develop a more beautiful tan. So it’s back to the beach for me. 

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hypnosis for Weight Loss


Many people struggling to lose weight find that will power and keeping the right mental attitude are two of their biggest setbacks. Using hypnosis can help; it helps to reprogram the negative habits established over time and to reinforce the new desired behaviours.

Davina DeSilver & Marcos Amigdalos have created and published a successful book on Amazon Kindle that walks you effortlessly through the process. It also highlights why hypnosis in the past might not have worked as the right setting and environment are essential to be able to truly relax. Only then will the mind be in the correct and accessible state required to ensure the new suggestions are accepted.

The publication also includes 2 versions of a full hypnosis session aimed at helping you to lose weight, these are available as MP3 downloads. With clear instructions as to how to get the most from your recordings and the blissful experience of hypnosis.

Reader Review:

"Since downloading this book, I have noticed a great improvement - not just in the fact I'm finding it easier to lose weight that I've never been able to shift before but also I'm sleeping better and feel much more positive generally. I'm really impressed by how well it works".

Free to Download on Kindle 31 May - 2 June 2013

This week on Friday May 31 to Sunday 2 June 2013 "Hypnosis for Weightloss" will be free to download on Amazon Kindle:

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