Saturday, October 5, 2013

Medical Experiments That Crossed A Line by Natural News

Medical experimentation is the foundation of many of the critical discoveries that have saved lives and changed the way we live, but not all of those experiments have been innocuous. In fact, over the last century horrible harms have been done to individuals in the name of science, says Natural News and Health Ranger Mike Adams. Some of these experiments are well known, but many are buried in the annals of history.

The Tuskegee Syphillis Study

The Tuskegee syphilis study is one of the most well known cases of human medical experimentation that crossed an ethical line. In 1932, a group of sharecroppers were injected with syphilis and were then subsequently followed by a team of doctors who trace the progression of the untreated disease, explains Natural News. All of the men eventually die from the disease, though none know it is the cause.

Testing Chemical Warfare

Sharecroppers were an easy target, but the United States has not been above testing members of its own military. In 1942, for instance, a group of 4,000 military members find themselves volunteered for chemical exposure. The chemicals to be tested, according to Health Ranger Mike Adams, were mustard gas and lewisite. Many of the volunteers have no notion of what they have been volunteered to do.

Easy Targets: The Insane

Patients at mental institutions were perennial favorites when it came to medical experimentation. During WWII, a University of Chicago Medical School professor infected a group of psychotic patients with malaria in an attempt to develop a cure to help the war effort. The infected group was then exposed to a variety of attempted cures, explains Natural News.

An Assault On Prisoners

Similarly, prisoners were another easy group to experiment on and have found themselves on the receiving end of a variety of experiments, including a 1967 experiment in which a skin-blistering chemical was applied to their faces and backs. Scientists justified this by saying they were examining how skin works to protect itself against constant assault. Unfortunately, notes Health Ranger Mike Adams, the prisoners had no means of protecting themselves from such an assault.

Searching For The Crime Gene

As we get closer to today, those viewed as pre-criminals were subjects of medical experiments as well, says the Natural News. A group of 7,000 young African American men are told they are being tested for anemia but instead are tested for the presence of an additional Y chromosome, which was believed to predispose the men to criminal activity.                                                                   

The history of medical experimentation does not end there, but continues today, often unrealized. It is left to investigative journalists and curious citizens to unmask the unethical acts of the medical establishment.

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