Friday, September 13, 2013

How to Start Running with Kendra Linne

Kendra Linne knows firsthand how hard it is to run. She used to dread it but now sings the praises of her daily work out to anyone who will listen. She recommends starting off slow but really making a commitment to yourself to build up each day. Kendra Linne feels that it is one of the most important health investments you can make in your life, and it is free!

Get over the hump. Kendra Linne recommends that you don’t talk about your plans to run with anyone. Just start it whenever you can. Even if it is only a few minutes of running. That first time is going to feel awful – you will be embarrassed most likely and wonder what you were thinking. Kendra Linne says that once you are over that hump, you are ready to truly begin running.

Take it easy on yourself. One of the things that Kendra Linne always notices about friends who start to run is that they push the limits very quickly. Like anything else, if you hurt yourself because you have gone too far, why would you want to do it again? So, Kendra Linne always recommends common sense when planning your first few runs and being realistic with your current fitness level, weight, tolerance for sweating and high temperatures (it is great to start a running regimen in cooler weather).

Go slow. It’s not a race and it never has to be. There are people who take running to a whole other level, but you cannot worry about that just yet. Kendra Linne loves to run and is quite comfortable running at her slow pace every day. If she goes faster, she finds that she gets shin splints, gets tired faster and does not enjoy the benefits of the run.

Try the walk/run tactic. If you are still having a hard time doing any kind of running, Kendra Linne recommends running for ten to twenty seconds of each minute and then walking the rest. This helps build the muscles in your body as well as strengthen your cardiovascular abilities.

Get yourself some gear. After you have gotten over all humps and can actually run for a while without falling over, Kendra Linne says you must reward yourself with some great running gear. It always feels great to put something new on, especially if it is for your new, exercising self. Kendra Linne recommends those sweatshirts that have the iPod pocket because music is what motivates her.

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