Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Clinical Trials Finds VigRX Plus To Be A Highly Effective Male Enhancement Product

3 July 2013 – Hunter Wilkens shares detailed information about VigRX Plus, which is a popular natural supplement developed for male enhancement that has been doing very well in the on-line market for some time now. For many years the internet has published versatile reviews on VigRX Plus from happy customers who have used these supplements with successful results.

Yet, for most people out there suffering from various penile dysfunction issues reading about the successes of others who have used a particular product may not be enough for you to feel comfortable trying it. In order to really know whether a product works, particularly a supplement you may not be familiar with, you need absolute guarantee of its safety and absence of negative side effects.

Finally the proof that you have been waiting for…

VigRX Plus manufacturers consisting of a veteran board of medical advisers went to great lengths to put your concerns about VigRX Plus to rest, by conducting various safety and other clinical studies. To do this, Vedic Lifesciences Pvt Ltd, an independent research company was entrusted to conduct a comprehensive clinical trial based on the effectiveness and safety of using VigRX Plus.

The results “According to the findings of the research company, the results showed that VigRX Plus has not only up held to the rave reviews shared by numerous consumers, but it provides clear details of the supplements effectiveness in terms of time and scale.” Says Hunter Wilkens a freelance writer from San Francisco. The indisputable verdict of VigRX Plus is that based on the responses of 75 men who suffered various stages of erectile dysfunction issues. These men have achieved remarkable improvement in their sex drive, controlled and lasting erections, astounding penile enhancement and highly intense orgasms just after a period of continuous use of VigRX Plus supplements for 84 days.

The study reveals statistical details regarding sexual satisfaction improvement by 71.43% towards the 84th day of taking VigRX Plus supplements, with sex drive improving by a staggering 50%. The capacity of maintaining an erection, which obviously is the key in achieving a mutually satisfactory sexual relationship, has grown by 62.82%. About 22.49% of participants also claimed they experienced significant improvement in the quality and regularity of their orgasms.

To sum up the findings made by Vedic Lifesciences, the independent research group has stated that according to clear results of the VigRX Plus clinical trial, it has outperformed the findings of a previous clinical trial conducted by the same company on another male enhancement drug commonly used under the name Sildenafil (Viagra). Ironically only 13% of the previous sample has claimed a better sexual drive after using Sildenafil, as opposed to 50% who benefited from taking VigRX Plus.

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