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Sally Ann McFarland Graduates Twice From the University of Virginia

Sally Ann McFarland, a Virginia native, is proud to announce that she has graduated twice from the University of Virginia.  Her first graduation was 33 years ago in 1979 with a BA in biology.  Five years later, in 1984, McFarland graduated from the University of Virginia Medical School, earning her MD.

“I love the University of Virginia,” says McFarland.  “I guess I loved it so much that I wanted to get two degrees there!  The campus is beautiful, the faculty was great, and Charlottesville is such a wonderful Virginia town.”

As someone who always enjoyed gardening and animals, Sally Ann McFarland was naturally drawn to studying biology at the University of Virginia.  “It just made sense to me to pursue biology,” says Dr. Sally McFarland of Fairfax, VA.  “I feel fortunate that it wasn’t too difficult to figure out which course of study I would choose.”

After she earned her BA, Sally Ann McFarland went straight back to work, wasting no time in earning her MD.  “I had so much energy and passion […] I was just ready to get started!” she says.  Her internship and residency were completed at Montefiore Hospital, which is an affiliate of the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA.

In 1984 (the same year she earned her MD), McFarland was awarded membership into the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society.  “That was definitely the icing on the cake when it came to my closing time at UVA,” states McFarland.

Graduating with honors at the top of her class, Sally Ann McFarland has been a strong name in the northern Virginia internal medicine field.  In September 2011, she opened her own solo internal medicine practice.

Even today, 28 years after she earned her MD from the University of Virginia, McFarland still looks back fondly on the experience.  “It was a great place [...] and it still is,” says McFarland.  “I’m proud to call it my alma mater.”

Sally Ann McFarland may be reached for comments and questions regarding her time at the University of Virginia at 8425 W. Frankton Drive, Denver, Colorado, 80127.  Or, by phone at (888) 675 – 1245.

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Andrea Kinch, Looking to Connect

Being on social media sites is 100% necessary for success in the modern day world. People like Andrea Kinch understand this.

Georgia, 2012 - It is no big secret that in order to have success in the modern world a little bit of online presence is necessary. The world has gotten more and more virtual as years passed, and it is almost impossible to find people who are modern businessmen and women who do not work on maintaining a positive Internet reputation. One of the best ways to accurately represent yourself on the Internet is to be involved with social media.

There are a variety of different social media platforms that an individual can choose to spread their image around on. Some people like to use twitter, while others are on sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. For example, Andrea Kinch is happy to have a Facebook profile that she uses in order to get in contact with family and friends across the world.

Even though Facebook started out as a social media network exclusively for college students, the presence of Facebook has since expanded and anybody in the world can now join. Facebook is a great way to get in contact with people from around the world both for personal and professional reasons. People like Andrea Kinch, who are involved in the pageantry and modeling industry, understand the importance of maintaining a positive Internet presence and also then need to connect with others. Andrea Kinch has connected with friends and business colleagues alike through Facebook and encourages others to join him do the same.

Joining a social media platform such as Facebook is very easy and there is no cost. If you decide to join Facebook, make sure that you get in contact with Andrea Kinch to learn more about her presence as a pageant participant, model, and role model to women and girls in the Georgia area. Feel free to get in contact with her using the contact information below and don't forget to add her on Facebook! Connecting with others is necessary; connecting with individuals like Andrea Kinch is a great way to help build your positive Internet profile.

3423 Piedmont Road
Atlanta, GA 30305

Dating Older Women

Report by Sam Choo

What do these glamorous stars - Mae West, Mary Tyler Moore, Raquel Welsh, Susan Sarandon, Madonna, Joan Collins and Daryl Hannah - have in widespread? They all married younger guys - at minimum 10 years younger.

Let's analyze the troubles of this kind of a connection and why older women are these kinds of an attraction.

I reside in a conservative Asian society in which the guy is looked upon as the breadwinner of the family members and the head of the home. Our society frowns on an older-female-more youthful-man romantic relationship.

If you get involved with an older lady, men and women will discuss behind your back again and whisper words like "toy boy", "gigolo", "sugar mommy", and "sagging flesh". Your mothers and fathers will express reservations about your dedication. Your friends and colleagues will disapprove and criticize you.

Terence's buddy faces a related situation. He explained, "I know of a man whose spouse is sixteen years older than him!! Till now they're nevertheless happily married, however several folks had mistook his spouse as his mother...but adore conquers all".

Why is it this kind of a taboo relationship?

In this type of partnership, the older female is often in management. Some folks feel that a girl dates a more youthful man so that she can manipulate him that the more youthful man is so awestruck by her focus because of his inexperience.

Some individuals believe that some older girls who are newly divorced look for toy boys for no-strings-attached enjoyable. Compared to older males, these more youthful men are not prepared for a severe romantic relationship. They only want to have enjoyable. No wonder they are known as toy boy. Furthermore more youthful guys have the stamina and a who-cares-about-tomorrow mindset to fulfill their lust.

What is it about older girls that entice more youthful guys? What do they have, that their more youthful women don't?

Older women have self-confidence

The feminine trivialities, and the pettiness that drives young ladies crazy and turns men off are not in their vocabulary. The older lady has adequate existence expertise in dealing with her insecurities and concern. Self-confidence is a hot trait John says that "girls are like great wine - they only get much better with age."

Older females have wisdom and encounter

They are established in their career and most likely more affluent than their younger counterpart. They are wiser in their watch of the globe. Old girls are far more grounded and reasonable in their expectations. They deliver emotional stability to the connection.

Vincent, aged 31, explained, "Just the fact that there is so considerably to find out from an older girl, that they have so several far more life encounters to draw upon, is an adventure to me. It is like a rush."

Older ladies are stronger

They know what they want from existence and really like and they don't play brain video games like some more youthful ladies do. They are immediate and assured. They are sure of by themselves and know how to talk what their desires. More youthful males discover some younger women to be malleable, shallow, and boring.

Dan, age 24, also expressed a equivalent theme: "When I meet a girl about thirty, she's generally very distinct and centered. She is aware of what she desires in existence and it makes getting with her so considerably simpler. I glimpse at a lot of my friends who have girlfriends their age and younger and the issues they have strike me as ridiculous. They regularly act foolish and immature. I don't have time for that behavior -- which is why I like mature girls."

Greater Sex

Some feel that sex with an older woman is much better.

Scott, 25 share the identical sentiments. "The greatest benefit is that they know what they want so there is no guesswork. You may well try out to make sure you them and they'll tell you if it isn't operating. I loved it. Which is a flip on. Definitely no negatives about intercourse? it was the finest. The finest!" he said.

Age is Just a Number

What about the age differences? Age is just a number it is not a measure of wisdom. One particular can be outdated at forty and younger at seventy-5. A effective partnership is not based on getting the exact same age. What is more important are the other ingredients this kind of as compatibility, shared visions, interest and their emotions for every single other.

Weigh the pros and cons of these kinds of a romantic relationship and choose if it is appropriate for you. To sustain these kinds of a romantic relationship, you have to sense safe about the relationship and be unfazed by the undesired interest. Despite the disapproval by society, in common it can be a viable, workable connection. The option is yours.

About the Writer
Sam Choo is a connection coach with a unique interest in the differences of the sexes. Pay a visit to his web site at dating tips a day to pick up a free report "Why Are You Not Able to Be Like Me?"

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Yoga Clothes - Tips for Choosing Yoga Clothes

Yoga wear has become fashionable. Women are wearing it for other types of work-outs and even when running errands. Yoga clothes are soft, durable and comfortable, so they are ideal to wear for everyday whether you workout or not. So, do you need to have a fit body to wear the popular yoga gear? The answer is no. You just need to know how to choose the right yoga pants and tops for your body type. The yoga pants need to be snug, but also allow the skin to breathe, even if you do not wear them to workout.
The fold-over pant style is probably one of the most popular styles. They fit just about any body type and the fold can be adjusted to hide flaws. When the flap is left high, it has a slimming affect. These are especially popular with pregnant women who wear the pants for comfort and the ability to adjust the fold as their belly grows. The fold-over pants also give the illusion of a longer leg, which is good to enhance petite legs. Yoga pants come in a variety of styles that include knee length, shorts and full-length pants. The most important thing is comfort.
When choosing a top, keep in mind what activities you will be doing when wearing the yoga clothes. When doing yoga poses, you may do some that require you to turn upside down, so you want a top that is snug enough to stay down, but not too tight to be uncomfortable. No matter what activities you choose to do when wearing the clothes, you will want to choose an absorbent soft fabric that allows our skin to breathe.  A cotton, Lycra and Spandex blend is best for both fit and breathability.
Basically, it all comes down to good fit and comfort. Whether you choose a less expensive or costly brand of yoga clothes, they must look good and feel good. Comfort is important whether you are actually working out or just want to feel good when doing daily tasks. Good fit is important when you are attending a yoga class or just going out in public to the grocery store or post office. You want a flattering pant and shirt combination. To achieve this take into consideration all the varieties of yoga pants in petite, tall and all the other choices out there made to fit many body types.

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Organic Yoga Apparel – Eco-Friendly Attire for Environmentally Aware Yoga Practitioners

Yoga active wear, including organic yoga apparel, is designed to make it easier to perform the different postures and positions that are characteristic of yoga. These include positions like the cat and cow poses. In the cat pose, the person gets down on all fours and then arches their back as far as they can go using their stomach muscles. The cow pose is when the person returns to a relaxed position, in which the stomach is pushed downwards and the head is facing up. 

There are also standing poses in which you stretch your leg and arm muscles as far as they will go. Yoga also involves twisting the body a lot. Therefore, these different movements and poses you perform while practicing yoga promote flexibility, and so the clothes you wear should not be restrictive and should allow you to move your body around freely in every direction. Yoga attire is designed with this in mind.

There are many different options available to those interested in purchasing different workout clothing items to perform yoga. A popular subcategory of this type of attire is organic yoga apparel. These are yoga clothes made from organic materials, not synthetic ones. The different organic materials that they might be made from include bamboo, recycled material, and cotton. The appeal of organic yoga clothing has to do with the fact that they are natural and eco-friendly, both qualities that are in line with the principles of the yoga discipline.

You can also find organic tops and bottoms that are very stylish. The tops might have special designs on them or different expressions written across them that pertain to yoga. You can also find yoga pants with writings and designs along the pant legs or on the back of the pants. There is organic yoga apparel specifically designed for women and ones that are specifically designed for men.

When picking out one of these yoga clothing items, there are different factors you might want to consider to help you make your selection. These include how comfortable they are, both when you exercise and when you just wear them around, the styles that you prefer, how tight or loose-fitting you would like them to be, price, etc. In regards to pricing, organic yoga apparel is typically more expensive than those made with synthetic materials. However, most people see it as a good investment because you will be helping protect the earth and all of its inhabitants.

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Yoga Jewelry

Yoga improves the health of those who practice it. The positions do not cease to surprise the physical, mental and spiritual sides of our nature are available and improved in yoga classes. Feel the air inside and out. Yoga provides an expansion in all fields of human existence. Its practice ensures a firm body, mind and a spirit that is both benevolent and stable. For many practitioners, once they begin to experience the many benefits of yoga, they find themselves draw to yoga jewelry. This is jewellery that reflects the inner calm and ancient symbolism of the practice of yoga.

Yoga jewelry is usually made from semi precious stones and makes use of organic and natural materials like woods such as bamboo, natural fibres and equally it tends to favour symbolism from India where many of today’s types of Yoga have been introduced to the Western world from. For many, having a few pieces of yoga jewellery or yoga inspired jewellery makes them feel connected to those moments of inner calm and peace where the mind aligns solely into an almost meditative state, focusing on the perfectionism attained within each posture.

There are of course many physical and health benefits associated with yoga but there are also mental and spiritual benefits and the symbolism found within yoga jewellery can connect us to that and this is what often makes the beautiful ranges found within yoga jewelry so appealing. Yoga is a time away from the hectic schedules enforced upon us in our busy lives and we can re-visit and escape to this peaceful time by wearing our yoga jewellery as a reminder to ourselves that peace is just a few poses away.

Taking all the symbolism away from yoga jewellery though and what we are left with are some beautiful pieces of jewellery that also reflect a part of our personal beliefs and that make this much more a personal style. Yoga jewellery therefore tends to reflect a very personal and well thought of gift that will appeal to most yoga practitioners.

A large proportion of yoga jewelry tends to be handmade. Many pieces are hand made of glass or wooden beads and semi-precious gemstones. However, you can buy jewellery made ​​by hand that has been made ​​with diamonds and other precious stones. These pieces are simply a higher price compared to those with less expensive stones. Fortunately, you do not sacrifice quality for a low price, as many semi precious gemstones are beautiful, durable, and seem real. 

There is always something special about yoga jewellery that has been done by hand. No piece of handmade yoga jewelry is exactly the same; this unique edge is appealing to many people. In addition, the yoga jewellery that is made by hand shows special attention to detail and there is just something special about wearing a one of a kind piece of beautiful handmade yoga jewelry.