Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sally Ann McFarland Graduates Twice From the University of Virginia

Sally Ann McFarland, a Virginia native, is proud to announce that she has graduated twice from the University of Virginia.  Her first graduation was 33 years ago in 1979 with a BA in biology.  Five years later, in 1984, McFarland graduated from the University of Virginia Medical School, earning her MD.

“I love the University of Virginia,” says McFarland.  “I guess I loved it so much that I wanted to get two degrees there!  The campus is beautiful, the faculty was great, and Charlottesville is such a wonderful Virginia town.”

As someone who always enjoyed gardening and animals, Sally Ann McFarland was naturally drawn to studying biology at the University of Virginia.  “It just made sense to me to pursue biology,” says Dr. Sally McFarland of Fairfax, VA.  “I feel fortunate that it wasn’t too difficult to figure out which course of study I would choose.”

After she earned her BA, Sally Ann McFarland went straight back to work, wasting no time in earning her MD.  “I had so much energy and passion […] I was just ready to get started!” she says.  Her internship and residency were completed at Montefiore Hospital, which is an affiliate of the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA.

In 1984 (the same year she earned her MD), McFarland was awarded membership into the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society.  “That was definitely the icing on the cake when it came to my closing time at UVA,” states McFarland.

Graduating with honors at the top of her class, Sally Ann McFarland has been a strong name in the northern Virginia internal medicine field.  In September 2011, she opened her own solo internal medicine practice.

Even today, 28 years after she earned her MD from the University of Virginia, McFarland still looks back fondly on the experience.  “It was a great place [...] and it still is,” says McFarland.  “I’m proud to call it my alma mater.”

Sally Ann McFarland may be reached for comments and questions regarding her time at the University of Virginia at 8425 W. Frankton Drive, Denver, Colorado, 80127.  Or, by phone at (888) 675 – 1245.

For more information about Sally Ann McFarland, please visit her website at


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