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Organo Gold – Is It A Scam Or What?

Organo Gold, a relatively new company to the Network Marketing arena has been stirring up some major controversy and has been the coffee table topic of many lately. Founded in 2008 by Mr. Bernardo Chua, this company certainly seems to be proving to be a force to be reckon with!

The Organo Gold product line is centered on an ancient herb that has been used by the Chinese for thousands of years and was originally reserved for royalty. The Ganoderma mushroom is really what this product is all about and what sets its coffee apart from the basic, traditional coffees that we know today. The Unique Selling Proposition that OrGano Gold distributors use to sell the products is the fact that "not only is the coffee healthier, it's cheaper! Additionally, it's in a form that practically every adult enjoys and will never forget to

When you stop to think about the demographics that the Organo Gold products can service it quickly becomes evident that anyone can literally do the business and people easily become excited about it and join. So when one goes to Google, one may ask why the persistent rumors about OrGano Gold being a "pyramid scheme" or a scam? What is the basis for these rumors? Is there any truth to these rumors? Let take a close examination and reveal the truth and nothing but the truth about this company!

In order to truly tackle this question one must address the network marketing industry as a whole. For starters, a network marketing business sells products or services to consumers much like and just like any other business. The difference however, is that a company with a network marketing structure uses its network or users, retailers, and distributors to bring the products and services to the public. Hence the term "marketing" in Network Marketing is derived. With this particular kind of business model, many of the costly nuances that traditional business models face are avoided such as the use of middlemen, the high cost associated with hiring people, extensive ad and marketing campaigns, etc. Instead these companies introduce compensation plans that greatly benefit their distributors, thus allowing them to benefit from the savings of traditional business costs.

This is the reality of OrGano Gold. Besides selling products directly to their customers and earning money based on retail sales, when distributors in the business sponsor, or introduce other people to the business they earn various other bonuses including 1) Fast-Start bonus, 2) Dual-Team bonus, 3) Unilevel bonus, 4) Global-Pool bonus, 5) Car bonus, amongst other bonuses and benefits. One can earn weekly and monthly depending on their performance in the business. The attractive compensation structure of Organo Gold is one of the components that has quickly aided in the success of the company and the significant number of top income earners in the company and entire industry of network marketing!

The bottom line is that like any business, having success in OrGano Gold is directly proportional to how much one is willing to work at it. This means inviting people to meetings and conference calls, calling prospects, doing product and business presentations, or as Organo Gold refers to it, doing Coffee and Jazz Mixers (CJM's) regularly which are a fun and exciting way to get people together for a cup of coffee while being introduced to the company and its powerful business opportunity.

Equally important to success in this company is developing a habit of following up, studying the business and compensation plans, working with your organization and building your team up. This entails a time commitment as you can see, so to see results you must be willing to commit the time it takes to see results. The company asks up front, the new distributors be committed to working the system and building a business for at least 18 months! This is very reasonable, as traditional business typically can expect to work the business for at least 5 years before seeing a return! The company has been so extremely successful because of the simplicity of their SYSTEM and because of their esteemed leadership team of Bernie Chua, Holton Buggs and Shane Morand; having a comprised 50 plus years in the network marketing industry! This factor alone is impressive in itself as leadership is everything to a successful company and business model!

Those who claim OrGano Gold is a scam are more often than not people who got involved with the company and made no money because they did no work, OR people who had a conversation with another person that got involved with the company and made no money because they did no work as well! People who say that Organo Gold is a scam should be asked a quick follow up question: what makes you say that, where is your proof and if you "did" the business, how long did you do it for and what exactly did you do? I'm sure their answer will reveal the truth!

This business IS NOT, nor is any business in the Network Marketing industry a get-rich-quick scheme. True wealth comes not from getting rich quickly, but from practicing the right activities, including developing oneself to growing your business and nourishing your network. If you are not personally growing, you are not going and neither is your business. Network Marketing is in essence about personal development!

People who commit and truly work the business and tap into the system quickly realize that it was the best decision they could've ever made!

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

How to Stop a Dry Itchy Vagina


Having a dry itchy vagina is very uncomfortable and irritating. It is estimated that at one stage or the other a woman will have some issue with her vagina and an itchy vagina is one of them.

Before I get into the things that you can do to stop a vaginal itch, it is important to know what are some of the things that lead to vaginal discomfort.

Vaginal discomfort can be brought about by irritants like perfumes from soaps used in bathing or detergents used to wash the panties. Irritants can also come from commercial douches. Some douches have alcohol that dries the vaginal area. Some have chemicals that alter the PH of the vagina leading to discomfort. They also have perfumes that may irritate the vagina. 

READ: Why Your Vagina Smells

The vagina is self cleaning and should be cleaned mainly with water or a homemade douche as I will suggest some below. Never wash the vagina with harsh soaps or commercial douches, unless they are douches from natural sources.

Discomfort can also come from infections. The common types of vaginal infections include genital warts that can cause swellings and itching.

There is also vaginal yeast infections mainly caused by Candida albicans. The symptom for yeast infection is a very bad itch coupled with a white curdish discharge.

Another common infection is bacterial vaginosis, bv.  BV is very common in women and is characterized by a burning sensation around the vaginal area that is accompanied by a yellowish greenish discharge and an “off” “fishy” smell. It is very terrible and can take a very long time to clear.

It is important to note that most women sometimes get a wrong diagnosis ( by themselves) on what is affecting them. For example most women will use vaginal yeast creams to treat bacterial vaginosis. It is important to get to see a doctor and be examined.

Another thing that can cause vaginal discomfort is stress. When a woman is stressed a lot of the body mechanisms are thrown off balance. The vaginal area can have the PH altered and lead to itching.

Most women report that a dry vaginal itching do occur when they are under stress. So if you having an itch you may need to have a look through your life and see if there is any stress and it something that you may need to tackle so that you can get back to health. This may sound not so medical but it is does work.

Finally an itch can be brought about by eating a lot of sugary foods. Yes, too much sugar will alter the body PH making it alkaline and thus altering the vagina PH. It is not only sugar from candy or soda. Sugar can also come from proceeded carbohydrates like white bread that get broken down to simple sugars in the body. So watch out for those one.

How to stop dry itchy vagina

Use clean cotton (only) pants that are well fitting and make sure you wash them in a mild hypoallergenic soap that has no perfumes or other harsh irritants.

Shave the vaginal area. Most women with a dry itchy vagina do shave and get relief.

Do not clean the area with any soap at all. Eliminate any irritants. If you must clean then use ¼ cup of vinegar diluted in tepid water. Splash around the area three times a day and pat dry with a clean towel. Do not rub the towel.

Do not use any commercial douches or vaginal itching creams. Use the above vinegar mix for douching. Also use a yogurt douche. Buy organic yogurt and apply all around the vagina and inside.

Take probiotics. Probiotics are capsules with millions of live active healthy bacteria cultures. The probiotics will help introduce good bacteria in your gut and this will kill any other microbes that may want to grow around the vaginal area. You can also insert a probiotic capsule directly into the vagina to get the bacteria right on the itching spot.

You can also use honey (pure natural honey) it is antibacterial and very soothing.

Use garlic. Garlic is an all in all antibacterial home remedy with no major side effects apart from the smell. So eat a lot of garlic and if the itching is severe, insert a peeled garlic into the vagina and leave it overnight.

Stop eating any sugars and simple carbs for a while when you are itching.  Sugar will alter the vaginal PH like I said above and will lead to discomfort that will manifest as vaginal itch.

It is important that you go see a doctor if the itching that does not stop. To take care of yourself these are some of the easy, quick and natural home remedies and most importantly an effective treatment for dry itchy vagina

Be an informed woman. Find out more about vaginal itch and other vaginal infections

You can also watch this video below for an alternative:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

UK’s Favorite Rug Retailer Offers Free Shipping & Lowest Prices Online, Guaranteed!

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If there’s one thing that can bring life to an otherwise boring lounge-room, it’s a striking rug. A plethora of different designs, colours and materials are available for avid home decorators everywhere to choose from, the only problem has always been finding good quality rugs at reasonable prices. No-one wants to pay an arm and a leg for their floor coverings.

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Craig Pepin-Donat, International Fitness Expert and Author

Craig Pepin-Donat is an established expert and author in the fitness industry with over 30 years of success operating fitness companies worldwide. Starting as a personal trainer in 1981 and growing to the top of his profession, Craig held positions as sales director, executive vice president and president for the then largest club chain in Manhattan, the New York Health & Racquet Club. Craig was president of the largest club chain in Northern California, 24 Hour Nautilus and played a key role in rebranding the company to 24 Hour Fitness, which grew into the largest club chain in the world.  When the company expanded into Europe and Asia, he was appointed as executive vice president of sales and marketing where he managed an annual budget of over $50 million along with the sales, marketing and brand development for more 430 locations in 11 countries. He was also responsible for managing company spokespeople including Cindy Crawford, Magic Johnson and Pamela Anderson and he produced numerous photo shoots and television commercials in the United States, Europe and Asia. Craig also owned and operated his own fitness company and day spa which was voted best club in Jacksonville Florida.

Alarmed by the health care crisis in the United States, Pepin-Donat authored; The Big Fat Health and Fitness Lie and founded a platform called The Fit Advocate designed to enhance and protect the lives of health and fitness consumers. He also founded The International Health and Fitness Symposium and developed an audio based program and eBook called The People’s Guide to Health, Happiness and Longevity.

Craig is a partner in multiple international and domestic fitness and nutrition companies including dotFIT, the leading provider of online fitness and nutrition solutions for fitness clubs and leading brands. Craig is a founding partner of Crunch Franchise and Hard Candy Fitness and is a partner with Energy Fitness in Mexico City, California WOW in Vietnam and Sharecare, developed by Jeff Arnold, the founder of Web MD, featuring Dr. Oz.

Craig Pepin-Donat is an established authority in the fitness industry. He was featured on the cover of Club Business International in November of 1992 and again in November of 1997, where he was described as the “Grand Master of multi-club management theory”. He was featured on the cover of Club Success Magazine in December, 2003 for the development of his day spa concept called, Now in Zen Day Spa and he was featured on the cover of Club Insider Magazine in May of 2007 for his innovative work related to his book. Pepin-Donat has been interviewed for numerous feature stories and articles for print, radio and television, including Time Magazine, the New York Times, New York Magazine, Crain’s New York Business, and Entertainment News.

A dynamic public speaker, educator and motivator, Craig has trained thousands of fitness professionals all over the world. He has created numerous professional training programs, manuals, seminars and videos, based on his simple formula for success that have helped millions of people get on the path to living a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Pepin-Donat is a certified Pilates instructor and has held multiple national fitness certifications. He founded icanBody and launched his YouTube channel www.YouTube.come/icanBody and social network, and to deliver a humorous message to help raise the level of awareness of the benefits of fitness and nutrition. In his first production, Eating Chocolate Bars he was described as “Weird Al Yankovic meets Jack LaLanne.” • B-904-220-6395 • C-904-614-0423

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Exclusive Website for Creatine Powder Launched Recently

Atlanta, Georgia – A brand new website that offers first-hand information on creatine powder, is launched recently. Creatine is a substance that provides abundance of energy to the body cells and it is used specially for muscle building purposes. People who want to build their body and get a perfect gym body shape take a calculated amount of creatine on a regular basis. If one is planning to use creatine to increase the body weight and muscle, they first need to know well about creatine and its usage methods. The site provides a wealth of knowledge on creatine’s use for body builders and its benefits.

Creatine is an organic nitrogenous substance which provides the cells with a lot of energy and nurtures the growth of muscles in the body. Creatine supplements acts as the source of energy for the body and aids in achieving the best shape. It is widely used in sports and body building and is looked upon as the most reliable source of energy. Apart from boosting the physical shape, the powder is also known to increase the memory capacity of the consuming person.

There are a certain rules that need to be followed in order to derive the maximum benefit out of the creatine powder. The site understands these needs and directs the users towards authentic and valuable information. One of the best aspects about the site is the fact that it updates all of the latest and relevant information regarding creatine from time to time. posts news about creatine from authentic sources and guides the users with the various areas of creatine powder. Todd Adrien, the creator of the website say, “The website is designed and released to aid creatine users all over the world. Already positive responses started pouring in and I am sure that it is going to be a huge hit.”

The site publishes various areas of news regarding creatine which includes the introduction of any new creatine powder, improvements made to the powder, how it needs to be consumed, what are its effects on the body, where to get the creatine powder and lot more. The site acts as a pool of information on the creatine powder and provides authentic source to know all about creatine powder. Anybody who wants to get reliable info on creatine can just go to the site and search for it. All the news about creatine is archived in the site so that one can easily find out any past or current news.
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About is a site that offers exclusive information on creatine, creatine as supplements and the various aspects surrounding it. It acts as a one stop solution offering the best authentic information for the creatine users worldwide. All of the information provided in the site is authentic and reliable and it is created to increase the convenience in knowing about creatine powder in a better way. The site also introduces the release of new, good quality, best creatine powder brands on a regular basis.

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Website Provides Effective Anti Aging Skin Care Tips and Treatments to its Readers

Discover the effective anti aging skin care tips and treatments in transforming tired and dull skin into a much younger and glowing complexion.

UK. March 24, 2012 - Have you been looking for age-delay tactics recently? Do you want an anti aging skincare that makes good on its promise of real results? Most of us look towards technology, formulas and ingredients born from alliances between skincare and science. Well, here's good news as a reliable website presents need-to-know tips for looking younger. This anti aging skin care website has tracked down the significant formulas that promise to halt the hands of time.

Today’s anti aging ingredients are more concentrated, targeted and effective than ever before. Leading skincare companies have worked closely with the scientific community, harnessing the best of nature and combining it with advanced technologies to ensure real results. Skincare and technology have merged together to create innovative formulas producing results that really work.

There are million sites in the Internet that pertain to aging as well as anti aging treatments and there are more than 4 million searches on the term "anti aging skin care". And one great site aims to provide accurate and useful information to the readers.

"I have been researching skin care and anti aging related topics for more than 8 years." says Blanca, a beauty therapist and the webmaster of "I think I have very good information and I want to share it with more people."

There’s a lot of skin care information you can find on the website. One of these is the idea that the best anti aging skin care should include a mix of vitamins and a healthy lifestyle. Additionally it helps you realize that the key to having the best anti aging skin care is discipline, for keeping your body healthy is the same as keeping your skin healthy.

Wouldn't you love to have a healthy, sexy, biologically younger body so you can avoid health disasters as you age? If you're ready to learn the truth from a trustworthy expert, will easily guide you to a lifetime of health and vibrant longevity.


The site is 6 years old and is a complete anti aging and skin care guide, packed with up to date information on how to preserve the skin from looking older before its time and how to improve health in general. Find out how you can improve your life with the best anti aging products available and get to know the latest anti aging skin care treatments and anti aging solutions. For more information visit the website at